TCC Podcast #203: The 3 Funnels You Need in Your Business with Jenn Robbins - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #203: The 3 Funnels You Need in Your Business with Jenn Robbins

How do you attract clients to your business? That’s one of the subjects we covered with Jenn Robbins, the guest for the 203rd episode of The Copywriter Club podcast. Jenn is an expert on funnel strategy and shared the three types of funnels every business owner should have—not right away, but eventually, if you’re going to grow. But that’s not all we covered, here’s a partial list of what we asked Jenn…

•   going from 80 hour weeks in accounting to blogger to copywriter
•   why freelancers often fail before things work the second time around
•   feeling like a fraud and what they says about you
•   overcoming the imposter complex—a recurring theme on the podcast
•   how Jenn has mixed services with other offers in her business
•   making a retainer work—really work—for 9 years
•   Jenn’s process for making VIP days work—and her check in “trick” worth stealing
•   the 3 basic funnels every business needs
•   what she does to make sure her funnels engage her prospects
•   her rates—what she charges her clients for the work she does
•   the list building challenge she’s sharing with her audience
•   the stuff she struggles with in her business
•   the biggest changes she’s made to grow her business
•   how collaboration has changed Jenn’s mindset as her business has grown
•   what she does when things don’t get done as planned
•   what we’re really doing as copywriters—it’s not writing words
•   what to look for in a course or mastermind before you join

Jenn is doing so many things right in her business, you’ll definitely want to hear what she shared about how to do it. To listen, click the button below. Or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. And coming soon to Spotify (hopefully). Prefer to read? Scroll down for a full transcript.

The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:


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