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The fastest way to improve your copywriting skills, get cutting-edge business training,
and the tactics you need to grow

Stop wasting your time…

…with outdated articles and dubious ideas you find for free online. That stuff won’t get you where you want to go. It’s time to get serious about your copywriting success.

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Growing a profitable copywriting business is harder
than the so-called gurus promise. A lot harder.

Too many copywriters choose their career path because they want to be their own boss, or be more flexible with their hours, or only work with a few “just right” clients.

Some writers even buy into promises of working a few hours a day while sitting on the beach.

Not. Going. To. Happen. #sorrynotsorry

Here’s the truth that no one is telling you.

Being a copywriter is hard work. And being
a SUCCESSFUL copywriter is harder still.

That’s why so many talented copywriters struggle with the feast and famine cycle as clients come and go—mostly go.

It’s why so many copywriters earn less than $50,000 a year (some of them waaaay less).

And why so many of us constantly wonder… “Is my copy any good or am I just fooling myself?”

And why we are so ready to buy the next business or copywriting course, even though we can’t afford another $3000 course.

Sounds familiar, right?

Over the past two years, we’ve shared The Copywriter Club Podcast with thousands of copywriters who have used the ideas we talk about to finally get ahead in their businesses.

We started a FREE Facebook community where more than 9,000 smart copywriters share ideas, tools, and advice with others who desperately need it—every single day.

We brought more than 80 incredible copywriters together in real life for an amazing and enlightening event in New York City.

And we’ve conducted hundreds of coaching calls with smart copywriters looking for feedback about their businesses, their copy, and their ideas.

But for those hard-working copywriters willing to invest in their businesses and get to the next level—we want to do more.

“The ideas that got you here, won’t
take you to the next level.”

That’s the advice we heard from A-List Copywriter Parris Lampropolous at our event in New York City. He told everyone that what you need to do to get to five figures is different from what got you to four. And it takes something different to get to six. And seven.

Parris would know. Rumor has it, he bills over eight figures.

The biggest mistake copywriters make in the first five years of business is trying to go it alone.

Learning how to write sales pages, web site copy, and more…

…figuring out how to get that first client…

…and the second and the third…

…doing client research the right way…

…creating processes that help you get more done…

…choosing the right tools for proposals, billing, communication…

The list goes on and on.

If only you could get a little help from others who have been there.

The good news is—you can.

We’ll help you figure it all out faster so you can focus on the things that will help you get to the next level.

Introducing The Copywriter Club Underground— the
tools, ideas, training, and community designed to help you
succeed and grow as a copywriter.

What is The Copywriter Club Underground?
It’s not just one thing. It’s far more…


most importantly, it’s a private group
of ambitious copywriters…

who are serious about taking their copywriting businesses to the next level. We work together and share shortcuts, strategies, resources, and ideas to push through the daily grind of running your own business and accelerate your success.


it is a valuable storehouse of
online training…

focused on tactics and ideas designed to help move your business forward. It’s not a collection of tired me-too training from years ago. It’s what’s working now—from today’s experts. And we add new training every month.


it’s a go-to resource for the templates,
documents, and contractS…

you need to work effectively with your clients.


it’s the only way to get our exclusive, members-only
Copywriter Club Underground Letter…

…a monthly PRINT newsletter from Kira and Rob—yes, it comes in the mail—where we go deep into topics like choosing a niche, creating your USP, the best sales strategies for your business, and much more.


it’s your invitation to exclusive
Copywriter events

including workshops and retreats around the world with your favorite experts and fellow copywriters—because breaking away from the laptop and building relationships is a must if you want to run a profitable business. As a member, you get first dibs on a seat at every event.


BONUS, it’s the best way to get access
to copywriting projects

…from real clients—not cheap pennies per word, content farms. Coming soon—we’re still working on this.

The Copywriter Club Underground is a unique group of like-minded copywriters who are serious about getting better at writing AND finding a shorter, better pathway to running a profitable, sustainable copywriting business.

Join The Copywriter Underground…

…for less than you pay for dinner for 4 at Outback,
but more than taking your S.O. to a movie.


Your membership in The Copywriter Club Underground includes all of the training videos, templates, and resources mentioned above, plus a spot in our exclusive private forum and a subscription to our monthly print newsletter—information, insights and community that is easily worth thousands of dollars… for just $87/month. <– that price will go up as we add more valuable content, so join a.s.a.p.

That’s less than almost every copywriter course or training available online. And you don’t just get one training… you get it all.

Ready to invest in yourself?

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The brains behind The copywriter
Club Underground

Introducing Kira Hug and Rob Marsh, the hosts of The
Copywriter Club Podcast and The Copywriter Think Tank.

Kira has worked with global brands like Estee Lauder Companies and also led the marketing team for global onprofits and startups like Actionable Books. Today, she writes long-form sales pages, video scripts, and email sequences for clients like James Wedmore, Jasmine Star, Rick Mulready, Lisa Kuecker, Bob Heilig, and other smart folks.

Rob has written direct-response copy for global agencies like Publicis and ConversionXL, big consumer brands like American Express, PetSmart, and United HealthCare, and growing tech brands like Pluralsight, AdEspresso, and IVPN. Today he consults with smart SaaS companies to help them find more customers and ramp up sales.

Together, Rob and Kira curate the training and community you need to build support, skills, and a solid client base. Take a look at what a few smart writers have said about them:

“The Best Damn People on the Planet.”

Justin Blackman joined The Copywriter Accelerator, launched The Headline Project and is kicking tail and taking names. Here’s what he says about Kira and Rob:

“Listen, I could talk all day about Rob & Kira’s training. About how they’re fun to work with, and the courses are well planned, and you get your money’s worth… Every. Single. Day. But here’s what you don’t see in the syllabus.

Rob & Kira are the best damn people on the planet.

They gave me each ideas that would put me on the map. Specific ones. Not
generic goals from a box, but custom crafted plans for getting out there and
making bank. And they stayed with all of us the whole time.

This ain’t a free ride. You need to do the work. But these two amplify every ounce you put in and open gigantic doors for you. Doors you didn’t even know existed.”

Justin Blackman | Prettyflycopy.com

“The communities they create are like magic.”

Chantelle Zakariasen joined The Copywriter Club when everything was falling apart. Since then she’s created an amazing business, working with clients like John Lee Dumas and Amy Porterfield.

“A year ago I had just been laid off from a full-time copywriting gig—I basically had to start over from scratch. My confidence was shattered. I had to replace a full-time income within a month. I was freaked out.

Kira and Rob reassured me that it would all work out and they would be there with me every step of the way. A lot of coaches say things like that, but they don’t follow through. Kira and Rob followed through 110%. They are my biggest support system.

Within the first month of working with Kira and Rob I had exceeded my previous income. Fast forward twelve months, I’m now making $20-30,000 a month and more. I would never have been able to come this far is such a short period of time if it weren’t for them and their community.

The communities they create are like magic. They have this ability to bring in all the right people and create a diverse array of skill sets, of strengths for everyone to lean on. They are rooting for you—and that’s rare.”


If you are ready for that kind of community,
it’s time for you to do something about it.

The Copywriter Club Underground
is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to write copy that gets customers to buy or content that keeps them engaged
  • Need help building your platform and getting in front of better clients
  • Want access to job postings from vetted clients and employers (coming soon)
  • Know your tools and processes should be better
  • Crave feedback on your copy (from real copywriters, not Facebook wannabes)
  • Are looking for unique training and resources you won’t find anywhere else

But The Copywriter Club Underground isn’t for...

  • Tire-kickers chasing the next idea but never getting things done
  • Course-hoarders who buy training to make them feel better about not focusing on their businesses
  • Know-it-alls who aren’t willing to listen to new ideas and learn from others
  • Debbie-downers who feel sorry for themselves and like to wallow in a pool of self-pity
  • Time-wasters who have hours to spend on YouTube and Facebook, but not to work on their own businesses

Still wondering if The Copywriter Underground is right for you? Let’s remove all your risk and excuses with…

The copywriter club's
"unbelievable value" guarantee

We’ve all bought courses and joined groups that simply didn’t deliver on the promises. The Copywriter Club Underground isn’t another one of those. And we’ll prove it to you…

Try The Copywriter Underground for 30 days. Watch the training. Participate in the private forum. Use the templates. Read the print newsletter.

If you don’t agree that you’re getting far more value than what you pay each month, simply let us know and we’ll refund your most recent monthly payment and part ways—still friends, we hope.

if you’re thinking now isn’t the right time…

We get it. The timing isn’t right… you need a paying customer first… or your website isn’t set up yet… or you just need to finish that copywriting book… or you’re talking with a high-priced coach.

There are a hundred reasons to put off your decision to join The Copywriter Underground. We won’t argue.

But before you say “no”, think about your business. Will it grow the way you want to if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done? Will you be working with your ideal clients if you don’t figure out what to change? Will you be able to increase your prices and take on larger jobs if you don’t do something different?

Now consider what the Underground will help you do.

You’ll connect with other ambitious copywriters who are investing in their businesses. You’ll have access to hundreds of dollars worth of business-changing training. You’ll get the templates and contracts you need to move your business forward. And you’ll get a copy of our idea-packed newsletter delivered to your home every single month.

It’s an amazing value at just $87 a month. But that price is destined to go up. There’s simply too much value inside The Underground to give away for so little. So don’t wait too long to join.

Join for a full year and get the 2020 TCCIRL videos free!

We left the best for last…

If you join and pay for a full year upfront, we’ll give you immediate access to the entire TCCIRL video collection. These are the recordings of all the speakers at our amazing first live event. Attendees paid as much as $1500 plus travel expenses to be there in person. But when you join The Copywriter Underground for a full year, you get them free. You’ll learn from experienced copywriters like:

Mike Kim on how he built his authority and grew an audience
Jasmine Star on pivoting to meet your client’s needs (and social media)
Dana Malstaff on the 6 messages your customers need to read in the content you create
Stefan Georgi on writing better headlines
Bond Halbert on avoiding beginner mistakes (plus a bonus section about getting noticed on Amazon)
Marcella Allison on writing rituals and getting started
Justin Blackman on the power of restraints to make you better
Jamie Jensen on storytelling and the “real” hero’s journey
Lyndsay Hotmire on what it means to build a truly authentic brand
Sam Woods on building a multi-million dollar agency in secret

Plus three informative panel discussions…

This is an amazing line-up of 17 speakers sharing their very best advice for copywriters. It’s a $1500 value (at least). And you get it free with your paid annual membership in The Copywriter Underground. Plus you’ll get first dibs on tickets to next year’s event when they go on sale.

Enough already. I want in!

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