TCC Podcast #202: The Agonizing Process of Change with Amy Posner - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #202: The Agonizing Process of Change with Amy Posner

What kind of a business are you building? The guest for episode 202 of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Amy Posner. Amy’s the first person to be interviewed on the podcast three times—and no wonder—she’s got a lot to share. Amy’s currently rethinking the programs and services she offers her clients and we thought it might be worth talking to her about the process. We talked about all of the following:

•   the agonizing journey she’s been on as she’s changing her own business model
•   why the process has been so painful and pulling back on doing too much
•   the three questions she’s used to figure out what to do next
•   overcoming the desire to hide behind other brands
•   the new products and services she’s working on creating as she pivots
•   the missing career path for freelance copywriters (and how to find it)
•  what it takes to be a great copywriter—we all take a stab at answering this
•   the process of getting perspective on your own business
•   the questions to ask as you think about niching
•   what to add to your proposals so clients want to say “yes”
•   3 questions to ask before you decide to raise your rates
•   why having someone copy chief your writing makes you better
•   how to up your client-finding game to land dream and anchor clients
•   a strategy for pricing your work to capture the value you create
•   some of the benefits that come from acting like a trusted partner
•   what keeps Amy engaged and growing
•   the third mind and how to get it in your business

This conversation with Amy is perfect if you’re thinking about a pivot or change in your business. To hear her advice, click the button below. Or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. And coming soon to Spotify (hopefully). Prefer to read? Scroll down for a full transcript.

The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:

Joanna Wiebe
Kirsty Fanton
Amy’s website
Kira’s website
Rob’s website
The Copywriter Club Facebook Group
The Copywriter Underground


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