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TCC Podcast: Creating tension and genius with Seth Godin
Seth Godin is the guest on this special un-numbered episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast....
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TCC Podcast #114: Contracts, privacy and protecting your business with Christina Scalera
Attorney and contract expert, Christina Scalera is our guest for the 114th episode of The...
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TCC Podcast #113: Creating viral ads with Daniel Harmon
Creative Director and copywriter, Daniel Harmon is one of the brains behind the popular...
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TCC Podcast #112: Finding retainer clients with Chris Orzechowski
Copywriter Chris Orzechowski is our guest for the 112th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast. We...
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TCC Podcast #111: The Red Carpet Dream with Erika Lyremark
Erika Lyremark, known as the “business whipstress,” is our guest for the latest episode of The...
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TCC Podcast #110: Going deeper on money mindset with Colleen Arneil
There’s a lot of talk lately about money mindset and “blocks” that keep you...
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