Write for The Copywriter Club - The Copywriter Club

Want accolades from the most engaged readers in the copywriting world? 

Or maybe you just want to publish something to impress your mom? 

Here’s how to write awesome content for The Copywriter Club.

Good news… The Copywriter Club accepts guest posts. The not-so-good news is we get a lot of pitches in our inbox. And we can’t respond to them all. So if you want to write for The Copywriter Club, please carefully follow the instructions below.

  1. We don’t publish content with paid links. We don’t work with SEO companies, content farms, or link builders to provide links back to their clients. And we probably won’t replace links to things we mentioned with better links to your content. So please don’t ask. These requests go straight to the trash. Seriously, if this is you, don’t waste your time. Still here? Then you’ll like this next part…
  2. We pay writers for content—usually $300-500, but occasionally up to twice that much if the content is amazingly useful for our audience. 
  3. Before you pitch, check the articles on our blog right now. Notice they’re primarily long (2,000–8,000 words), information-rich, experience or research-based articles that help copywriters and marketers solve a problem or learn something new. That’s the kind of content we publish. Nobody wants to read another listicle, opinion piece, or boring article with a link bait headline. But we’d love to see your ideas for:

    •  “How To” articles that teach a skill
    •  “Ultimate Guide” type articles that teach the ins and outs of a topic
    •  In-depth posts that teach or provide deep insights about copy strategy, content strategy, psychology, persuasion, behavioral economics, conversion copywriting, running a freelance business, team building, direct response, testing, analytics, sales, email, content, closing, processes, client acquisition, user experience, freelancing, productivity, creativity, campaigns and funnels, etc.

  4. Our audience is made up of copywriters and content creators. The majority of them are freelancers/contractors, but there’s a big group working in-house and for agencies too. Your topic needs to hook these people and keep them reading.
  5. Your pitch (and the hook for your article) needs to grab us by the eyeballs and make us beg for the next line. We won’t actually beg, but you get what we mean, right? If you don’t, maybe pitch someone else.
  6. Think about keywords you would include. If your topic includes key words with lots of daily searches, that will give you a leg up. This is NOT absolutely necessary, but it certainly helps when we review your pitch. The more potential readers you help us reach the better.
  7. When you’re ready with your headline and hook, click here and complete the questions on the form. Make your pitch creative—don’t use a template, you’re trying to stand out. Bonus points if you make us laugh. Or cry. Share a short outline of what you’ll cover in your article, including possible headlines and subheads. Refer to any appropriate research, case studies, or personal experiences you want to include. Do you have your own audience to share your article with? Tell us. And let us know a timeline that works for you.
  8. If we like your pitch, we’ll get back to you within a few days. We can talk final deadlines at that point. Unfortunately we can’t respond to every pitch, but if yours follows the guidelines above, there’s a very good chance you’ll hear back from us. And see your work on The Copywriter Club blog.

Go here to share your pitch.