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TCC Podcast #209: Building a Different Kind of Copy Business with Eman Zabi

When it comes to building a copywriting business, there are lots of options. You can sell services. You can sell products. You can even create a platform. How about all three? Our guest for the 209th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast is Eman Zabi and we asked her all about her unique approach to her business—one that includes all three of these approaches to earning money. We talked about…

•   an update on what she’s been doing the past 2+ years
•   some of the “insane” ideas she’s pursued since our last interview
•   why she made so many changes to her business
•   the mistakes she made as she started building her team of 13
•   how one of her employees faked her father’s death to not get fired
•   what it takes to manage a larger team (including how she pays her writers)
•   what Eman’s copywriting projects look like today
•   her advice to copywriters who are thinking about growing a team
•   balancing business growth with mindset growth
•   why Eman decided to create physical products (and the production process)
•   the products Eman may create and offer in the future
•   the “mom” test to prove the product would work
•   embracing the hustle culture and seeing it for what it is
•   the software platform she’s created and why she leaned into this
•   the different approach Eman is taking with Terrain to set it apart
•   what’s wrong with courses and why the industry is still growing
•   the ingredients for a great course (and how Terrain helps make it better)
•   how we’ve changed our own courses to help members finish them
•   making sacrifices to accomplish more now
•   feeling the pressure to do everything and how Eman dealt with it
•   the reason Eman is willing to explore ideas most copywriters don’t think about
•   why she wouldn’t change if she could do it all over again—except one thing

This is the second time we’ve interviewed Eman and if you heard the first episode, you’ll be amazed at how far Eman has come. To hear what she shared, click the play button below. Or scroll down for a full transcript. You can also subscribe anywhere great podcasts are found.

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