TCC Podcast #208: Mindset and Copywriting with Ian Stanley - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #208: Mindset and Copywriting with Ian Stanley

Mindset is a topic we touch on quite a bit—because a healthy mindset is the foundation for everything we do well as copywriters and in life… and an unhealthy mindset? We’ll that won’t take you anywhere good. Our guest for the 208th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Ian Stanley. Ian doesn’t call himself a copywriter any more (we talk about why) but he knows a lot about copy and getting people to respond to his offers. We asked Ian about:

•   how he became a copywriter—a story of height supremacy, MLMs and Clickbank
•   what charging $5 an email taught him about templates and processes
•   some of the early investments he made and what he learned from them
•   hand copying sales letters—and what you might want to do instead
•   how to grow taller—Ian spills the “scientific” details of an offer he wrote for
•   what Ian’s done over the past couple of years to fix his broken mindset
•   his daily mindset practice, the two wolves he feeds and his tattoo
•   what you’re responsible for—and what you’re not
•   his ayahuasca experience—this one gets a little wild
•   Ian’s experience with the afterlife or whatever it was that he experienced
•   the gift of being human that the gods can’t experience
•   the program he created to uncover deeper mental and emotional blocks
•   building passive income and leveraging your work
•   the stupid stuff copywriters do to mess up projects and client relationships
•   the conversation that leads to agreements that pay royalties
•   Ian’s experiment with media and what he’s trying to accomplish
•   doing what 95% of competitors aren’t willing to do—to stand out

Another episode you won’t want to miss. To hear it, you can scroll down and press the play button or download this episode to your favorite podcast player. You’ll also find a full transcript below.

The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:

  • your new program format surpasses what was already an excellent one. Fitting-in your summary, alalysis & comments a few times greatly enhances what i get out of your show. Congrats. great stuff.
    P.s. i have a url but no site because i don’t feel i need one.

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