TCC Podcast #215: Say “Yes” to Scary Things with Brandon Burton - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #215: Say “Yes” to Scary Things with Brandon Burton

What does it take to build and maintain a great community? We’re not sure we’ve got the answers, but we thought we should talk about it with The Copywriter Club’s Community Manager, Brandon Burton. For the past year, Brandon’s had an insider’s view of everything that happens in our free Facebook group as well as our private (paid community) Copywriter Underground group. Brandon’s influence in both groups has made these communities better. Here’s a bit about what we talked about…

•   why he left a comfortable sales position to become a copywriter
•   how he leveraged a multi-month parental leave to start his own business
•   the blog he launched that turned into his first community
•   what it takes to be a good sales person—and how to sell ourselves
•   why he is re-branding his business (and the process he’s using to do it)
•   the mistakes introverts are making in their businesses
•   what he did early on to get his foot in the door and find clients
•   what Brandon struggles with in his business
•   Rob and Kira’s thoughts on being introverted and getting out there
•   what he does as the community manager of The Copywriter Club
•   the ingredients that make a strong community
•   what you can learn in the right community—even if you’ve got a lot of experience
•   where the opportunities in social media are right now
•   the scary thing Kira’s doing outside of business right now
•   the future of copywriting as Brandon sees it

This is a solid episode you won’t want to miss. To hear it, click the play button below. Or scroll down for a full transcript. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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