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TCC Podcast #214: Being a Marketing Minimalist with Ellen Yin

Building a successful business isn’t easy… but it should be simple. That is, you don’t need to do “all the things” in order to make a living. In fact, a minimal approach may help you grow in ways you don’t expect. Our guest for the 214th episode of The Copywriter Club is marketing minimalist Ellen Yin. She shared her formula for running a simple, but profitable business and a whole lot more. Here’s a bit of what we covered:

•   how Ellen became a marketing minimalist
•   the basic systems you must have in order to succeed
•   the purpose behind your social media use
•   the problem with adopting someone else’s marketing strategy
•   her simple marketing system that keeps her sales system going
•   how she takes prospects through her sales process, step by step
•   how she maintains a 70% close rate on six month contracts
•   the differences between marketing services and products
•   the mistakes you might be making using hashtags on instagram
•   short term vs. long term marketing efforts and why you need both
•   having help to support your “lazy” marketing efforts
•   how to borrow someone else’s audience and connect authentically
•   when to build your own audience and when to borrow
•   the state of the union on Instagram—what’s working and not
•   the basics of marketing on instagram—you don’t have to do all the things
•   striking the right balance between products and services
•   the steps to take to reach a big monthly income number like $10K
•   the “hidden funnel” that takes less work for getting/retaining clients
•   why she shared her quarterly income with her audience
•   how she finds the gold in bad investments in courses and coaches
•   batching and the impact it has on her days
•   the options for investing… mindset, skillset or network
•   Rob and Kira’s “one thing” that has helped them in their businesses

This is a good one—especially if you look around at all the things other copywriters do and think, “how are they getting it all done?” To hear it, click the play button below. Or to read what Ellen shared, scroll down for a full transcript. And of course, you should subscribe and leave a review if you enjoy this interview.

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