TCC Podcast #283: Crafting a High-Converting Pitch and Closing Sales Calls with Angie Federico - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #283: Crafting a High-Converting Pitch and Closing Sales Calls with Angie Federico

Angie Federico joins The Copywriter Club Podcast for its 283rd episode. Angie is a direct response copywriter who’s been in both the freelance and agency world of marketing. Her ability to craft open-worthy pitches and close sales calls are just a few qualities that make her a great copywriter and marketer. If you need a pick-me-up when it comes to your skills in selling yourself, tune into the episode.

Here’s how the conversation goes:

  • How Angie went from selling life insurance to her start in affiliate marketing.
  • The difference between selling online vs in person.
  • How copywriting became the key to virtual selling.
  • Can you gain clients on Reddit?
  • The key to being great at sales and how to improve your own skills.
  • What even is affiliate marketing?
  • The beginnings of getting good at copywriting… for free.
  • Creating a referral system that sustains itself.
  • How to write a sales pitch that gets read and responded to.
  • Figuring out who you want to pitch and helping your prospect solve a problem.
  • The difference between the acquisition and retention side of a funnel.
  • Why you need to send bad pitches and get rejected.
  • How to pitch with intent.
  • Sales calls – how do you get your prospect to grab their credit card on the call?
  • The benefits of getting upfront payments from your potential clients.
  • The step by step breakdown of Angie’s sales call process.
  • How to set expectations right off the bat with new clients and community effectively.
  • Agency life vs freelance life. What’s it all about?
  • How to manage your energy and keep yourself balanced while working in an agency.
  • Kicking imposter syndrome and anxious feelings to the curb, so you can step into your confidence.

Hit the play button or read the transcript below.

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