TCC Podcast #219: Overdelivering with Brian Kurtz - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #219: Overdelivering with Brian Kurtz

We’ve been lucky to be mentored by several copywriters and marketers over the past few years. We met one of our mentors—Brian Kurtz—when we interviewed him way back in the beginning days of The Copywriter Club. He’s our guest, for the second time, on the 219th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast. We asked Brian about his stroke, how he’s changed his business this past year and a lot more, including:

•   using excuses to NOT do what needs to be done
•   how Brian predicted COVID with changes he made to his business
•   retiring from all the things you don’t like to do
•   Brian’s massive stroke and the impact it had on his business
•   the legacy Brian wants to leave to future generations
•   what he’s learned from the greatest copywriters ever
•   why copywriters need to own their own media
•   the different ways businesses have pivoted over the past year
•   the different “clicks” on the dial that solve your client’s problems
•   what he’s learned by starting a membership community
•   his strategy for getting his members to renew each year
•   what it would take to have a career like Brian’s today
•   why Brian—the strategic schmoozer—hates networking
•   the persuasive reminder that Brian keeps in his wallet
•   how he implements reciprocation into everything he does—and why
•   the “ask from nowhere” that doesn’t work and how to avoid it
•   his advice to anyone going through a serious challenge right now
•   givers and takers and where they land on the success ladder

It was great to take a few minutes to catch up with Brian. To hear the interview, scroll down and hit the play button. Keep scrolling for a full transcript and links to the things we mentioned. And, of course, you can subscribe with your favorite podcast app to make sure you never miss an episode.

The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:


Full Transcript:

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