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TCC Podcast #218: Facing Your Fear with Annie Bacher

One of the things that keeps waaaay too many copywriters from achieving their goals is fear. Which is a little odd because it’s not like our work puts us in dangerous or risky situations. We’re not fighting fires or facing down bad guys. And we’re not standing on a trapeze platform high above the ground, mustering the courage to jump. But that’s a very real situation that Annie Bacher, our guest for the 218th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast has experienced. She told us about it—and the lesson it holds for copywriters everywhere—in this interview. We also talked about:

•   how she went from writing about Argentinian circus artists to writing for clients
•   the “fear-less” lesson Annie learned from her trapeze artist that changed her outlook
•   the importance of the early career feedback Annie got from her first boss
•   the “what not to do” lessons she learned in her first copywriting job
•   the catalyst for leaving her job and going out on her own
•   why doing your own thing doesn’t mean you’re working on your own
•   the different ways Annie has grown (and changed her biz) over the last year
•   how cutting down on what she does has made business more enjoyable
•   when Kira and Rob feel the “fear” in their work
•   lightning decision jams and how she’s made them part of her business
•   a framework for brainstorming solutions to sticky problems
•   how you can create a workshop offer for your own business
•   the “big promise” for the client when they participate in an LDJ
•   the kinds of clients who are best for a workshop like the LDJ
•   Annie’s experience in the Copywriter Think Tank—what she likes most
•   what she’s struggled with in her business
•   the advice she would give to Annie from a few years ago
•   what we thought about the LDJs that we experienced
•   why it’s okay that nobody has it all figured out

This is a great interview packed with ideas you can use in your business. To hear it, scroll down and click the play button. Keep scrolling for a transcript. Or download this episode to your favorite podcast player.

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