TCC Podcast #231: Evolving a Copywriting Business with Sara Vartanian - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #231: Evolving a Copywriting Business with Sara Vartanian

On the 231st episode of The Copywriter Club podcast, we’re joined by Sara Vartanian. Sara is a launch strategist and copywriter, but before that, she was a teacher and e-commerce business owner. She’s really done it all. After obtaining vast knowledge of the copywriting world through her e-commerce business, Sara has been able to grow her presence and establish herself as an authority in the online space. If you’re ready to create an effective lead magnet and begin building your email list, then you’ve come to the right place. Some of what we cover, includes:

•   how to carry over skills from teaching into copywriting, plus two tips on being a better mentor.
•   why giving less is more and how to charge for value rather than trying to give away your soul for pennies.
•   when it may be time to let go of clients who are no longer serving you and open up space for new opportunities.
•   how to create strong boundaries right from the sales call and how to stick with them. (No matter how hard it may be.)
•   the secret to putting yourself in front of the right communities in order to build genuine relationships and establish authority.
•   creating a lead magnet your ideal client wants AND needs
•   the right and wrong ways of building an email list – are pop ups the way to go?
•   why the “omg, you get me email” is crucial to building a relationship right away.
•   4 emails that need to follow the first in your welcome sequence
•   the truth about launching…do you need to have all the bells and whistles?
•   3 ways to manage your energy during a launch.
•   why it’s vital to set clear expectations about launch copy.
•   the single most important component of driving sales to a launch.
•   the sneaky way to get more people in the doors for your product. (or your client’s)
•   a better way to handle burnout and sustain productivity and creativity.
•   the secret to viewing comparisonitis in a positive light and where to find the best support in your copywriting business.

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The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:

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Kira’s website
Rob’s website
The Copywriter Club Facebook Group
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