TCC Podcast #363: Conversion Rate Optimization and Message Testing with Eden Bidani - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #363: Conversion Rate Optimization and Message Testing with Eden Bidani

On the 363rd episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast, Eden Bidani hops on the show to chat all things conversion, sales conversations, and pitching prospects. Eden is a conversion copywriter and messaging strategist who uses her anthropology background to get to the root message that’ll attract the right customers to the right offer.

Tune into the episode to find out:

  • How Eden went from selling cosmetics to writing blogs. 
  • Why she slowly raised her prices and how it built her confidence. 
  • Here’s the truth about pitching and some practical advice you can apply. 
  • Why you need to be emotionally distant from your pitches. 
  • The importance of making promises you know you can keep and how it can impact your business. 
  • Should you start doing this in your sales calls? 
  • How to guide your sales calls while letting your prospect take the lead. 
  • The process for writing an advertorial. 
  • How her background in anthropology has shaped her research process.
  • Are you reading between the lines while conducting research?
  • How her business is currently structured to support her lifestyle. 
  • Messaging vs. copywriting – what’s the difference and how it can be the key to increasing conversions?
  • When you want to do it all, remember this.  

Hit play to listen to the episode.

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