TCC Podcast #242: The 28 Month Client with Jared Macdonald | The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #242: The 28 Month Client with Jared Macdonald

Jared Macdonald is our guest for the 242nd episode of The Copywriter Club podcast. Jared is a copywriter whose focus is on user experience and customer research. It’s more than just the words we write, it’s about getting inside the heads of our ideal clients, so we can provide a product or service they truly need and want. Jared has proved his expertise in the area of serving his clients because he works with his clients for an average of 2.5 years.

Here’s what else we talked about:

  • Combining copy research with user experience and creating magic.
  • Taking a life-threatening situation and turning it into a positive.
  • Being okay with not having everything figured out in your business journey.
  • There is no tiering to struggles and understanding we don’t know what someone is battling.
  • How doing tasks in your business that don’t scale can end up leading to immense growth.
  • Why over-delivering and building lasting client relationships go hand in hand.
  • The steps to create points of excitement through every phase of a funnel.
  • How to lengthen client relationships while respecting your own boundaries.
  • The secret to being seen as the consultant from the beginning.
  • Voice of customer research questions you need to include in your interview process.
  • How to elevate your customer journey and provide the highest of experiences for your clients.
  • Tools that can help you streamline and save you time.
  • Getting to a place where YOU selectively choose your clients and make sure they’re worthy of a sales call.
  • The benefits of working with retainer clients as a new copywriter.
  • Best practices for networking when it can feel awkward and overwhelming.

Hit that play button below or read the transcript if you want to improve your client experience.

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