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TCC Podcast #211: The Barbell Business Strategy with Brian Speronello

Retainers or projects? That’s a question a lot of copywriters ask themselves when they determine what kind of business they want to build. But who says you have to choose? Our guest for the 211th episode of The Copywriter Club is Brian Speronello who’s “Barbell Strategy” takes advantage of both projects and retainers to make his business stronger and more resilient. We asked him about:

•   how Brian used a course to specialize and launch his copywriting business
•   the “try it before you buy it” approach to buying a course
•   a random bar encounter and the importance of taking first steps toward success
•   what Brian would have done differently if he had to do it all again
•   the tripod framework for deciding to go full-time as a freelancer
•   how Brian was able to test-drive working for himself while holding down a FT job
•   what it takes to make the leap into freelancing
•   what Brian’s business looks like today—it’s half of his barbell strategy
•   the limits of retainers and how Brian makes them work in his business
•   the “Landlord Retainer” model that makes sure you always get paid
•   the big fail Brian had when he agreed to work for royalties
•   the legal clause he includes in all agreements to protect himself today
•   our thoughts on Brian’s business model
•   his process for getting clients to refer additional clients to him
•   the investments he’s made in his business to “fill the holes” in his skillset
•   the part we played in getting Brian to get his program ready to launch
•   why he treats his own project as his fourth business client
•   what the Lindy Effect means for the future of copywriting

This is a great interview, full of tips and lessons any copywriter can apply in their own business. To hear it, click the play button below. Or download this episode to your favorite podcast player. Better still, subscribe and never miss an episode. And if you prefer to read, scroll down for a full transcript.

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