TCC Podcast #250: What Copywriters are Charging Today with Rob Marsh - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #250: What Copywriters are Charging Today with Rob Marsh

On the 250th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast (250 episodes?! Get out of here!), we’ve got a few things in store. Have you ever wondered what other copywriters are charging for their deliverables? Today, we’re giving you a breakdown. We’re also joined by a few special guests, so be sure to listen to what it’s all about.

250th episode breakdown:

  • What other copywriters are charging for sales pages at different levels in their businesses.
  • The median and averages of copywriter yearly incomes.
  • Why experience doesn’t have to be the only factor when you’re ready to up your prices.
  • Can you actually charge 45k for a sales page?
  • Kira and baby Homer’s guest appearance. (Homer’s first podcast interview.)
  • How new additions to the home can create a new dynamic in the household. (Even Kira’s cat has been needy as of late.)
  • Creating new boundaries with a new baby and how having a team can be beneficial.
  • Kira and Rob’s strengths when it comes to The Copywriter Club business.
  • What the Accelerator is and who it’s good for.
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in your business journey.
  • Navigating how you should find your ideal clients and getting super clear on your systems and processes.
  • Finding a community that is supportive and will lend a hand when you need one.
  • Why Kira is the best at finding what makes you weird. (She loves to use questions.)
  • How to begin focusing on what you really love to write.
  • Accountability groups and why they’re vital to leveling up your business.
  • When you should raise your prices and not feel like an imposter.
  • Building your business at your own pace and your own way.

Ready to start charging your worth? Tune into the episode.

The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:

Full Transcript:

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