The Copywriter Club - Income Report
How do you know if you’re
Severely undercharging for your copy?

The secret to earning more as a copywriter is charging more.
You’re probably thinking… that’s no secret.

Fair enough. But how do you know if what you are charging your clients is the right price?

That’s a bit of a secret.

Ask any group of copywriters what you should charge and they’ll all tell you something different.

How do you know who to trust when it comes to pricing?

Here’s the thing… getting your prices wrong hurts you.

When you don’t know what to charge, the temptation to lower your prices to get the work can be overwhelming.

Clients want a good deal, right?

Not necessarily.

When your prices are too low, clients may assume you’re inexperienced or not good enough to do the work.

If they believe that, they won’t hire you—even though you’ve cut them a deal.

And if you set your prices high, clients may think you’re over qualified.

When your prices are too high or too low, you lose clients. And money.

Fortunately finding the right price isn’t as hard as it seems.

Introducing The Copywriter Club
Definitive Guide to Pricing

We asked nearly 500 copywriters around the world to tell us how much they charged for the work they did.

And their answers will help you find the right prices for your work.

We took their answers and analyzed them by experience level, education level, country, sex and several other factors. And we’ve broken them out so you can see exactly where you fit in.

The Copywriter Club Definitive Guide to Pricing shows you exactly what copywriters and content creators are charging for 15 different types of projects today.

But this 30 page guide is far more than just a list of prices. It answers your biggest questions about prices. Questions like:

• Did I charge enough for this project?
• What are other writers earning for this?
• Am I asking for too much?
• Which is better—charging by the word, the hour, or by the project?
• How do I know if my prices are right?

Your copy of The Definitive Guide to Pricing also shows you 7 different strategies you can use to set your prices—and shows you which ones keep you stuck undercharging and struggling to make ends meet.

With The Copywriter Club Definitive Guide to Pricing, you’ll get:

  • crystal clear market prices for every experience level from beginner to expert
  • the most important factor for increasing your prices—this one change can double your income
  • the prices copywriters and content creators charge for 15 different copywriting and content projects
  • 3 things you should never do when you set your prices
  • how to calculate the impact your copy has on your client’s business so you can confidently raise your prices
  • the best way to get paid for the value you create for your clients
  • the “niche list” 36 niches where copywriters are earning six figures or more right now
  • guidance on when to raise your prices and when not to

With The Copywriter Club Definitive Guide to Pricing, you can ensure you never undercharge for a project again. The first step to charging more and getting paid what you’re worth is getting the guide.

Here’s what you get when you click that button… a 30 page PDF with average prices for 15 different projects, annual income numbers for every experience level, 7 different tactics for setting your prices (we’ll tell you which ones to avoid, how to calculate the value you create for your clients, and more. Get your copy now.

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