TCC Podcast #344: Looking for Opportunities in Unexpected Places with Paulo Faustino - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #344: Looking for Opportunities in Unexpected Places with Paulo Faustino

Paulo Faustino is our guest on the 344th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast. Paulo is a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who shares his experience in building and scaling businesses even in the midst of chaos. From writing 550 articles for $100 to scaling a millionaire-dollar business, Paulo shares insights all business owners can glean.

Tune into the episode to find out:

  • How a gut feeling kept him on the path to entrepreneurship.
  • How he scaled his business to a million dollars and why it took an extreme hit. 
  • The pivot he made to save his business and grow his audience. 
  • What is affiliate marketing and how can it benefit your business?
  • How to navigate a financial loss and why fear cannot stop you from moving forward. 
  • This reality of business can make or break you. 
  • The 4 foundational pieces your business need to thrive.
  • Why marketing and authority go hand in hand?
  • When does the sale really start? 
  • The effects of a world-class client experience. 
  • Why it’s not your job to fix all your client’s problems (including money mindset).
  • How to filter the types of clients you work with. 
  • The simpler and faster way to save time and energy in your business. 
  • The ins and outs of Paulo’s social media marketing strategy and how he grew his following and email list to hundreds of thousands. 
  • How to bring aligned content to your audience. 
  • Why you need to focus on value rather than design. 
  • What Paulo would do differently if he could start over.
  • Authority grows when you have these two things. 
  • The current struggles of a high-earning entrepreneur. 

Press play or check out the transcript below. 

The people and stuff we mentioned on the  show:

The Copywriter Think Tank
Kira’s website
Rob’s website
Paulo’s Instagram
The Copywriter Club Facebook Group
The Copywriter Underground
Free month of Brain.FM
AI for Creative Entrepreneurs Podcast

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