TCC Podcast #239: Writing for Launches with Kristina Shands - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #239: Writing for Launches with Kristina Shands

On the 239th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast, we’re joined by Kristina Shands, Copywriter and Launch Strategist. Kristina took her background in nonprofit and Public Relations and has been able to transform her clients’ businesses through the launch of their products and services. If you’re somebody who’s been dabbling in the launch world, and you want to increase the experience you provide your clients, this episode is a must-listen.

We also talked about:

  • How launching has changed and how the “what” has stayed the same.
  • Giving people what they need to make an empowered decision by listening to what they have to say.
  • How to hold space for your clients during a launch when launching can be high-energy and demanding.
  • The strategy you can provide for your clients, so they don’t feel they have to do it all.
  • The better way to have a killer launch and not get burned out.
  • The easiest way to set reasonable standards and expectations for clients.
  • The benefit to asking specific future pacing questions to prospects.
  • How to implement love languages and human design into your business.
  • The #1 component of being a better business owner and entrepreneur.
  • Why it’s important to honor your energy management and the effects it has on your day.
  • The secret to adding self-care into your launch strategy and why it needs to be a must.
  • The right way to go down a rabbit hole and make it a beneficial use of your time.
  • How learning something new can be self-sabotaging and impractical.
  • Jumping ahead in your personal and business growth, so you can be “lucky.”
  • The element you need to be part of the persuasion process.
  • How to get off the “hustle” cycle and learn to trust the journey and opportunities that will come with time.

Launching can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Listen in on this episode or check out the transcript here.


The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:

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Rob’s website
The Copywriter Club Facebook Group
The Copywriter Underground
Kristina’s website 

Full Podcast Episode #239 Transcript

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