TCC Podcast #80: What's Going on in the Club with Rob Marsh and Kira Hug - The Copywriter Club
TCC Podcast #80: What’s Going on in the Club with Rob Marsh and Kira Hug

In the 80th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast, Kira and Rob share their take aways from the recent TCC In Real Life event in New York City, what’s going on in their businesses right now (and how they’re dealing with it) and what’s coming up in The Copywriter Club—the next Copywriter Think Tank and the new options we’re offering with The Copywriter Accelerator. We talked about:

•  how some of the best parts of a conference aren’t at the conference
•  a couple of highlights from the incredible presentations
•  who won the scavenger hunt (and how well they did)
•  what we’re working on and why we’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed
•  what mastermind groups have done for us and a few of the reasons you might want to consider one
•  the changes we’ve made to The Copywriter Think Tank
•  the new, more affordable, option for The Copywriter Accelerator

To hear all about it, click the play button below, or scroll down for a full transcript.


The people and stuff we mentioned on the show:

Hillary Weiss
Parris Lampropolous
Brian Kurtz
Allison Comotto
Katz’s Deli
City Hunt
The Copywriter Think Tank
The Copywriter Accelerator
Kira’s website
Rob’s website
The Copywriter Club Facebook Group
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Full Transcript:

Kira: What if you could hang out with seriously talented copywriters and other experts, ask them about their successes and failures, their work processes and their habits. Then steal an idea or two to inspire your own work. That’s what Rob and I do every week at The Copywriter Club Podcast.

Rob: You’re invited to join the club for episode 80 as Kira and I talk about a couple of our favorite moments from our event, The Copywriter Club In Real Life, why masterminds have been an important part of our personal and business growth. What’s happening in our own businesses and what’s happening in the club in the next few weeks.

Kira: Hey Rob!

Rob: Kira, how’s it going?

Kira: It’s great. I feel like we haven’t chatted about our businesses and the club in a while. It feels like a while.

Rob: Yeah, it’s been a while since we shared anything publicly anyway. I mean obviously, we talk every once in a while about what’s going on but it has been awhile since we shared what’s going on so we should definitely catch people up.

Kira: Yeah, so big event …

Rob: Huge event.

Kira: …recent event. So, what did you think about TCC In Real Life?

Rob: When you organize an event there’s all kinds of things that are going on. We were so busy in the weeks running up to it. In addition to the stuff we’re doing on the side with our own clients just trying to make sure that this event was going to come off swimmingly and I was so afraid that we were going to drop the ball or something was going to go wrong and after it was all said and done I kind of walked away and said okay we did an okay job. It was fun. It was like so gratifying in the way that so many speakers came to support us. The things that they shared were incredible and even the stuff that happened outside of the room. We just had a total blast. It was so much fun and I wish that it was the kind of thing we could have had more people there. How about you? What’d you think?

Kira: Yeah, I think I remember you saying something about before the event about how this even might break us up or something…

Rob: Yeah.

Kira: Or cause us to get divorced and I was like yeah this is definitely testing our relationship, but we ended up making it through. It wasn’t that bad. So, I felt like for me, it was exactly what I envisioned in my head especially stepping into Hotel 50 Bowery months beforehand and kind of picturing it all and it surpassed what I envisioned and so yeah, I was really excited about it. I know how people say oh events feel magical and I’m like that sounds really woo-woo, but that’s the only way I can describe is it did feel magical and a bit surreal. Yeah, so I mean we had a bunch of speakers, like 15. Did any of their presentations really stand out to you? I feel like every presentation was so good. What did you take away from it?

Rob: Yeah they were all so good. Without mentioning everybody, everything that was said there is definitely worth listening to and we’re going to make the tapes available and hopefully everybody can have the opportunity to watch and listen for themselves, but I just want to pick out like three or four highlights for me, you know, as I was sitting in the room. The one hitch of the entire show happened when I was trying to get Hillary Weiss’ slides loaded up and there was a change at the last minute of which slide deck was the right one. And I had the wrong one on the laptop. So, she was getting started I’m trying to pull up the slides and you know, I’ve got it there in the download and it’s downloading and of course it’s downloading over hotel WIFI. So, it’s like 150 megabyte file and it’s going at like 15 kilobytes a second, right? I’m sitting there just like I’m sweating just trying to get this thing to download and she starts going and she was awesome. Like without any slides for the first, I don’t know, 10 minutes of her talk she killed it.

Then her entire presentation on personal branding, I was just so impressed with how good she was at just going and knowing her stuff. She’s just so sharp. She’s been such a great part of the community and that was for me, it was like a low light, because I’m up there sweating. But she just like killed it.

Kira: Yeah.

Rob: It was great.

Kira: You should have seen your expressions during that 10 minutes. 10 or so minutes you were making all… I forget who I was sitting next to…

Rob: Everybody’s laughing at me.

Kira: …just laughing as we watched you sweat up there and we’re like what’s happening, but yeah I mean credit to Hillary who just delivered without slides. I know when I presented in the past I rely heavily on slides. Many of us do, so that just speaks to who she is in business and in life. She brings it every time. So, thanks Hillary for not falling apart on us.

Rob: Yeah it was incredible and then you know, other speakers that really jumped out for me, Paris Lampropoulos, of course he’s sort of an icon in the field. We were so excited when eh said that he wanted to speak on stage and we were just thrilled that we were able to have him be there. He talked a lot about the idea that what gets you to level one as a copywriter isn’t the thing that gets you to the next level. The thing that gets you to level two isn’t the thing that gets you to the next level and he even shared the letter that he wrote to get his first clients. He shared the processes that he’s gone through as he’s leveled up his business to the point now where he’s one of the guys that legitimately makes millions of dollars a year doing copy and the other thing is that he’s not a prima donna. He’s just such a genuinely nice guy and it was so cool having him there to share his story.

Kira: Yeah and I think everybody could relate to his presentation because so many of us feel like we plateau at a certain point and we’re like why am I not moving forward? Well it’s because I’ve been doing the same thing and it’s no longer working. So for him to break it down and really share what he did at every stage to move forward, that’s definitely worth watching when the video content’s available.

Rob: Two others I just want to mention, Brian Kurt, who’s been a mentor to both of us over the past year and has given so much. He donated the books, some of the books that we gave away in the SWAG bag. Really talked about what it’s going to take for copywriters to continue to perform well into the future and he talked a lot about masterminding and connecting with other writers and improving yourself. His whole presentation just really resonated, I think, with a lot of people but with me in particular. I love Brian, he’s just such a great guy. We appreciate his support as well.

Kira: Yeah I mean the cool thing about Brian, I think what impressed me so many people. Of course, you and I know him pretty well at this point, but for people who didn’t know him well. They commented and said I can’t believe you’re sitting in the audience with us and learning with us and asking questions, but that’s who Brian is. He is a lifelong student and so passionate about continuing to share and teach what he knows, but also to continue to learn. And I think that’s why we all love him. I will say that what seems to resonate with our audience that he talked a lot about was going deep, you know, going deep in your niche. Just really staying super focused, which Rob, we talk about that all the time. Really choosing your niche wisely and focusing from there, but that really stood out to me too because I’ve gone through stages where I felt like I should jump into financial copy or health copy and just kind of sample everything. It’s become really clear from hearing presentations like his and others that it’s really good to just stay focused on what you do best until you truly have mastered it and are ready to move on.

Rob: He was there the entire time taking notes in his notebook. He’s always learning. He’s always growing, one of the things I really admire about him. And then, finally, the last speaker who was Allison Comotto, we had her on the podcast a little while ago, she brought the roof down at the end. She was so energetic and so passionate it was almost unbelievable she’s only been a copywriter for the past eight or nine months. Her presentation was incredible. All about hustling and how that’s the secret to really taking your career forward and what she’s accomplished at Agora is, in my opinion, is incredible because of her hustle.

Kira: Yeah we’ll link to that interview in our show notes because I don’t know which number that one is.

Rob: Yeah, but yeah a great presentation. So, tell me, you were talking about some of the things that happened outside of the room. What were some of the take-aways that you had from our event?

Kira: Yeah, so I mean, I was really in and out of presentations so I didn’t catch everything, but what the magic really, for me, was beyond the presentations. It was the kick off welcome drink event that we threw the first night where all these people showed up and we knew so many of them from our different programs like the Accelerator and our Think Tank but we had not met most of them in person. And so, it was just so strange to see these people who are like avatars come to life and that was just, that first night was probably my favorite. And the excitement was so fun to meet everyone in person. And then beyond that, we had this great cocktail event the last night thrown by the Agora company, our sponsor, and there everyone just cut loose after two days together and really just the side conversations and connecting with people. That was the best part and who knew like that would lead to a bunch of us going out to Katz’s deli, which is this famous deli in New York city, super old school and all of us sitting at a table at Katz’s, late night.

Even from there, there were about six of us that went to this club, this underground club late night and danced the night away until three AM, which was so much fun to do. I wish I could do that all the time. So, it was really about those side events. Maybe you can share a little bit about the scavenger hunt since you won the scavenger hunt. My team came in second to Rob’s team, but Rob you can share a little bit about that experience.

Rob: Yeah, I do want to just say that the things that you were talking about. The things that happened at Katz’s and at the nightclub and the bar before the meeting, it was magical. How many times do you get to sit with a group of copywriters and watch one of them reenact that certain scene from When Harry Met Sally, you know, at midnight?

Kira: I was going to mention that …

Rob: I’m not going to say who did it, but yeah, crazy stuff that happens.

Kira: She did it well.

Rob: The scavenger hunt was a blast. We didn’t really know exactly what to expect and we signed up, joined us just sort of for a promise of fun, and we had a great time. In small groups, running around Chinatown and little Italy taking pictures in front of the bars where the mob used to hangout, or capturing different icons. Talking to people, serenading people, it was a blast. I will say that when we finished up, we did win, but the guy from City Hunt, the group that helped us put it on said that my group had completed more tasks than anybody ever in the history of City Hunt.

Kira: So now you’re just bragging.

Rob: Yeah I am! I am.

Kira: We’ll edit that out.

Rob: I have my major trophy sitting here on my desk that we won, so go team Rob. It was awesome.

Kira: No, that’s good I’m happy that your team won, very happy for you. Cool, so the event’s over, you and I, I took some time away to recover. I don’t think you took any time away, but what happens after the event? That feels like, I don’t know, that’s it, right? What else can we do with The Copywriter Club? We should just shut it down, right?

Rob: Yep. We’re done, we’re done.

Kira: That’s done, we’re done.

Rob: We recorded the event so we have an editor working on the tapes right now. I call them tapes. Nobody plays tapes anymore, right? We have somebody working on the videos right now and we do want to make those available …

Kira: The cassettes.

Rob: … yeah the eight track, the beta max. It’s going to be available in Beta max, but we want to make those available because it was such a great learning event that we want to make sure that we capture that and share that with as many people as possible. So they will be available in the future. That’s kind of the next thing with the event. I imagine that we’ll do another event in the future. Is it too soon to even think that, that’s a possibility?

Kira: I think so. Too soon, can’t think about it.

Rob: Who knows when it will happen…

Kira: Too soon.

Rob: …definitely not in the next couple of months. It’ll be awhile before we do it again, but it was just such a great event and so much fun I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t want to do it again at some point.

Kira: So, now that we’re back, we’ve recovered, kind of back to normal. What’s happening in your business, I mean you have multiple business. We never really have time to ask each other what’s happening there beyond the walls of The Copywriter Club.

Rob: It’s kind of crazy because in the last month or so I’ve gotten really, really busy with some pretty big copywriting projects. So, I’ve been working with an agency that I’ve partnered with on other projects on a BitCoin mining consortium where you join together with a bunch of people re-writing a website for them that makes BitCoin mining easy and fun so you don’t have to buy the servers yourself, but you can kind of buy into these pools. Doing a lot of work on that. I’ve been working on a couple of SASS projects. SASS businesses that I’m just having a lot of fun in writing and making these somewhat complex ideas really easy to digest and understand. I have to say, this month, I am just crazy busy with work and it’s good. It’s good to be busy. It’s way better than not being busy.

Kira: You’re so positive about it. I’m like it sucks. This is awful.

Rob: It’s one of those things though, obviously you need to make money and I love working with clients. I know there are a lot of writers who think hey you want to get away from working with clients, but when you have the right clients who are doing fun, cool things, and have real business problems that they need your help to solve. That’s just really gratifying and I love being able to get back into that. So yeah, that’s kind of, I’ve got three or four clients set up. I’ve got projects lined up over the next month and a half, two months and it looks like it’s going to be busy for a number of weeks. How about you? What’s going on in your business?

Kira: I do want to ask you how you juggle all this, but in my business it’s also feeling that kind of frenzy. I think it’s just a busy time of year and a lot of projects are out there. A lot of launches. So, for me, I got really burned out a couple months ago. Maybe I talked about it on the show, but I was really tired of client work. I think just burnt out. And so, I slowed down for a little bit, but now I’m back and feeling more excited about it. Definitely lining up with the right clients, being really clear about who I work with and not trying to become a financial copywriter, a health copywriter, I’m like no, no, no, I work on launches for course creators. And so, I’m working with ones who are just really cool people, which does make a difference like you said. So, I’ve also learned a love selling and lining up projects. So, I’ve lined up a lot of projects and I’m kind of working as a micro-agency right now to test out that model and I’m working with a bunch of copywriters right now on different projects as a copy chief.

So, I’m experimenting with that to see if I like it, if it works, what’s the level, quality of work. All those things. The exciting part is I just had a conversation with my new VA today, so I’m bringing in a VA for the second time to really help me with organization structure systems, project management. I tried it a couple years ago and it did not work because of me. I wasn’t ready for it. But I’m determined to make it work this time. I think I see that as the only way I can grow and manage my copywriting business. And also something that we’re going to need for The Copywriter Club as well over the next year. So, that felt like a big step forward, but yeah it’s really positive. I think the struggle for both of us is probably just juggling the two, which we’ve been doing for a year now.

Rob: Yeah and I don’t want anybody to walk away thinking wow these guys have it all put together. They’re doing everything right. We’ve learned a ton …

Kira: Wait we don’t?

Rob: … we’ve learned a ton from the podcast as well, but in all honesty I was up last night at 11:30 writing copy that was due yesterday and there are just times where I’ve taken on too much or I can’t get stuff done and my processes have gotten a ton better as we have all these opportunity to think things through. But earlier in the evening when I’m driving my kids, one kid to basketball, another kid to swimming, another kid to water polo and trying to juggle all of these things. Of course, they’re never at the same time and they’re never at the same place, right? So it’s just back and forth, and back and forth. There’s hours like that and then you finally get everybody settled down and it’s like okay let’s finish up the stuff we didn’t get done today, right?

I’m not an expert at getting things done. I do think I’m getting better at it. I still need help. Busyness is a good thing, but it also plays a little bit of havoc in my life.

Kira: It’s a struggle to create space, create boundaries, to have a thriving business but to also have it not run you down, which has happened to me.

Rob: Yeah.

Kira: I think like the whole last year so it’s kind of like I feel like getting the mindset right and then getting the people you need, which could be a project manager BA, whoever that is for your business. And then, kind of being able to step out of the weeds and I think my goal in the next year is to step out and really see the big picture as more of a CEO mindset, than just being the order taker and the copywriter who’s constantly in my copy cave hiding and working. So it’s a challenge, but I love that in this business that we’re in we get to kind of control when we want to take on these challenges and experiments. So, I feel like it is controlled even though sometimes it feels like madness in the moment. You and I are controlling the growth of The Copywriter Club and our own business. These are very intentional choices, even though in the moment it may feel crazy as you’re running around picking up, dropping off your kids.

So, I don’t know. I guess your positivity is rubbing off on me.

Rob: It’s not just hard either, I mean, there are times, last Friday I kicked off a couple of hours early on Friday and went to a movie with my wife. Today, I’m maybe going out to meet a few friends for lunch and so there are definitely places where being able to work for yourself, it’s beneficial.

Kira: Yeah.

Rob: So, if I got to lunch with my friends it’s probably not going to be a 30 minute lunch. We’ll sit and talk. I mean it’s, you know … and I have time to do that. So the spaces are there for enjoying life, which is the thing that I love about what we do.

Kira: Yeah and I think that’s a great reminder for me, for anyone listening to take advantage of those moments even if you’re in this crazy, busy season. To do one thing a week where you just feel like hey this is great and these are some of the perks of working for yourself because the other stuff can be so hard. So yeah, it’s a good reminder to just take that long lunch or cut out and go to yoga class or whatever your think is. Beyond what’s happening in our own businesses, what is happening in The Copywriter Club? Asking you like I don’t know what’s happening.

Rob: Did you forget?

Kira: What’s happening?

Rob: We have a lot of things going on. One of the things we’re doing is we’re re-launching our Think Tank, which is our master mind group for writers who kind of have things figured out, but really want to pour the gas on to their business and really get things cooking up. And so, we’re going to be re-launching that in April. We talked a little bit about it at the event. We’re not going to do a formal launch for this. We’re not going to be out promoting and showing videos and emailing our entire list. It’s kind of for people who are interested in this sort of thing to reach out and apply to join.

Maybe we should talk just a little bit about what’s happened in the Think Tank over the last six months as we’ve done it and why a few people might be interested in joining it if they’re at the right part of their business.

Kira: Before we go in deeper to the Think Tank, we probably should just paint the big picture of the two core programs, offers that we have out there. One, is the Think Tank, which is more high level for intermediate copy writers, more seasoned copy writers. And the other one is the Accelerator program, which is for new copywriters. The Think Tank, I mean, over the next year, we extended the time so the beta one that we just are wrapping up now was for six months and what we learned is that we really want more time in the Think Tank because it takes a couple months even just to warm up and to really build that trust with the fellow Think Tank members. So this new one, starting in April, will last for an entire year and it’s also a combination of the online element, which we all love where we connect online, monthly. But we’re also going to integrate the in real life component of it, which we realize especially after this event is so important and critical for just bonding and sharing ideas. It’s really about getting in the same room.

So, what’s new with this newly launched Think Tank is that there will be at least one component that’s like in real life meeting where we’re all together.

Rob: When we think about master mind groups and the value of them, it’s as much a learning experience and a community experience for us as it is for anybody who joins. That’s really a big part of what’s made it so rewarding for me to be involved with.

Kira: Exactly. I mean, it’s selfishly we take away so much. It’s helping me continue to iterate and change and grow my business, but we’re really looking for people who are at that level where they’re not necessarily looking for those first few clients. Like you’ve gotten that far where you have consistent leads and you have the basic business structure in place, but you’re really kind of looking to take it to the next level. So this isn’t really for newbies, these are definitely seasoned business owners who have been at it for at least a couple of years.

Rob: Some of the other advantages that you get in a master mind group like the Think Tank, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other people in the group. In fact, you and I met in a master mind so our partnership is a result of that. There’s opportunity to promote each other’s work if you’re on a podcast or you’re doing something on social media. You’ve got a core group of people who are willing to share what you’re doing with their audiences as well. There’s opportunity for feedback from the other members of the group, so if you’ve got copy that you want to critique on or you’ve got an idea for a product or a business idea. Those things of things. It’s just such a rich opportunity to have a lot of people thinking abut your business, suggesting new ideas, learning together. I’m to the point where I don’t think I’d want to run a business without being in a master mind of some kind, just because of the value that I get from it personally.

Kira: Yeah and what I’ve seen in our group, it’s really great for client management and those questions where you’re like how do I handle this situation that feels really unique to me with this client? And this could possibly blow up in my face. Well, when you have a room full of people who have been there, then you get a lot of great feedback so you can just handle client situations a lot better and also beyond that it’s like comparing notes about systems and processes. Whether that’s your thing or not, often times we’re all kind of talking about the business management side like how can I do this more efficiently? How can I make this better? How can I improve? And so there’s a lot of sharing of swipe files, resources, blue prints that we’ve made. So like that has been incredibly valuable. I haven’t even taken advantage fully of what the type of documents and templates that have been shared within that group, within that confidential group. So the resources are incredible.

Beyond that, too it’s just like sometimes you need to get other eyeballs on your copy, which is always valuable. We should always seek some type of critique from someone and that depends on the type of project and what you need exactly. But that’s been really helpful for me too to get some feedback on some of my current projects.

Rob:    Yeah and then we also had some guests come in and present some ideas as well. We had Danny Iny come and talked about putting together a product or a course type of an offer and what it takes to really teach people in an effective way. We talked with Maggie Patterson about starting a micro-agency and what’s involved in that kind of a thing. The members of the group, as well, presented a lot of their skillsets. We talked about funnels. We talked about client management. We talked about building quizzes and just some really, really great learning from the people who were presenting ideas to us.

Kira: We had James Wedmore talking about the extension model and how you can build the different levels in your business and Tarzan Kay came in to talk about, not necessarily just money mindset, but how to charge day rates. She shared everything. It was incredible season. So I feel like a lot of it, it’s about keeping up to date on what’s happening in our industry as a whole and sharing those resources so you know the latest. Whether it’s about how to charge or how to package your services, I feel like when you’re in that type of group you just know what’s going on and you don’t have to do all the research on your own because you have all those other people, intelligent people who are aware of what’s happening even if you don’t necessarily know what’s happening. And so, that’s incredible. I will also mention that we had the hot seats every month, which is a 90 minute session where a couple of the members sit on the hot seat and get to share, sometimes it’s a challenge. Or they have a question for the group, or they need feedback on something. That’s when everyone in the group can just share on video and provide feedback and really help solve the problem.

So, that’s been incredibly helpful to see those ah-ha moments for our members and even for the two of us. We sat on the hot seat recently to get feedback on the copywriter club. Those sessions are really valuable, especially if you don’t have a core group of copywriters that you connect with via video or Skype on a regular basis.

Rob: If people want to know more about the Think Tank or are interested in joining, they should go to copy writer Think Tank dot com. We will reroute that URL to the appropriate place. It is an application. It’s not just something that you can just pay for and join. We want to make sure that everybody is there and has something to contribute and is ready to learn. Is at that part of their business where they’re ready to grow. It’s also not free because of the amount of value that’s there, because of the time commitment involved. It is an investment in your business.

Kira: Just to kind of summarize what you get in the Think Tank is monthly, there will be some type of topic that we’re focused on each month and we’re going to determine that based on what our members want to learn more about. So, each month there’s a new topic and then we bring in a guest speaker to speak about that topic and then we have a hot seat as well. Plus you have access to this private community where we’re in there. We’re all in there, often times daily there’s an ongoing conversation. Then beyond that, we also will have this in person Think Tank event, which we’re figuring out the details as far as location and dates, but we’ll have those shortly for people who are applying and interviewing. And then beyond that, we also do whatever we can to feature you on the podcast, allow you to run workshops to test your material, feature you on our new website that’s coming out in the next few months, so that you can publish content.

So, we’ll do whatever we can to help you grow as well.

Rob: We want to make sure that whoever is in there is getting a ton of value out of it and that we’ve got your back as far as business growth, as far as what you want to accomplish, we’re there for you. So we need to mention the price and we’ve got both a monthly option and a full upfront option. If you want to join the Think Tank it is $600 a month, or if you pay everything upfront it’s $6,000. We ask you to commit for a year. Once you’re in we will make sure that you’re really getting the value out of your investment into the Think Tank and your business.

Kira: Awesome so, beyond the Think Tank we mentioned the copywriter Accelerator. So, Rob can you just share a little bit more about when that’s launching and what that includes?

Rob: The Copywriter Accelerator, if you’re listening the day that this podcast comes out, we’re going to open up the doors on that tomorrow. And we are doing something a little bit more like a launch. We don’t ever really do the full on, you know …

Kira: PLF formula.

Rob: Yeah, we don’t really do that, but we do want to talk a little bit about this because we really believe in the content of this program and the value that its brought. So, Wednesday of this week we’re going to talk to a few people in a Facebook live in the Facebook group about the successes that they’ve had since they’ve been through the Accelerator and what they found. But the Accelerator is a 12-week program. It’s made up of six different modules, video training that we provide. It talks about setting the foundation for your business. We start out talking about the goals that you have for your business and your mindset. We talk about things like branding and how you think about how you’re showing up in the world. We talk about processes and the different processes that you need in your business. We talk about packaging your services and how to price that in a way that customers will respond to you. We talk about getting yourself out in front of potential clients and how to do that effectively. We’ll even give you 27 ideas for doing that in different ways.

All of this stuff that really lays the foundation for a copywriting business. We don’t talk a lot about copy. We’re not doing copy critiques and that sort of thing, but we do want to give you the information that you need to really get the business foundation set so that when you’re working with clients all the stuff goes so smoothly and you can really grow and develop your business from where you’re at today.

Kira: It’s really focused on the business like you said. So, if you want to be able to charge more and raise your rates then you need to show up as a professional business owner and this gives you everything that you could need to do that. So, what’s new, what we’re doing with this Accelerator is we’re giving you two different options to jump in, which we haven’t don’t before. So this is an experiment, but the first option is where you have all the content so the six different modules and you also can participate in the monthly coaching calls. Those are 90-minute calls. You have two per month and you can participate in those and ask questions. We’re on those calls along with the other Accelerator members. And then you also have access to this private community where you can bond with your fellow copywriters and business owners and ask them questions as well. Rob and I are in that community. We give that community as much attention as we can throughout the week. So, that’s available for the first time at a lower price point, which is really exciting because we want it to be available to more people.

Rob: So the price for that version of it is going to be $797 and that’s significantly less than we’ve charged for the first two rounds because of the way that everything’s structured, it’s the video training, it’s the calls, it’s the group, but you don’t have the same access to one on one feedback that we’ve had in some of the previous groups. But that’s option two where you get everything in that first option that we’ve talked about plus you get feedback on the challenges from Kira and I and you have access to us on a one on one call so you can talk through questions with your business. Or anything else that you want feedback on because the time that we put into that, that version of the Accelerator is more expensive than that first version that we were talking about.

Kira: Right, so that one is $1997 for the coaching version and like Rob said, so each module you’re actually filling out, we have these worksheets for you and so with this version we can actually provide feedback and read your responses and give you ideas. So we’re more involved as you’re moving through the Accelerator process with this coaching version. Plus, like Rob said, you have calls with us so that we can give you personalized attention and also within the slack group, which is this membership forum if you haven’t been in one before. There’s a private channel in there so that we can give you extra attention in a private space. And then beyond that, there are also templates. We’re going to give you access to all of our best templates and if you want to know, which one specifically we’ll make sure that’s listed on the registration page.

Rob: We want to make sure that everybody knows there’s going to be a pretty killer bonus with this. We’re not actually going to talk about what that is until tomorrow …

Kira: Yeah.

Rob: …so pay attention because we are going to share what that bonus is and it’s only going to be available for a very limited time because the value of it, I think, is astronomical. I think it’s something that a lot of you are going to be interested in.

Kira: Yes, definitely. So, if you want… If you’re interested or you’ve heard about it in the past or maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about it and you want to find out more info we’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday March 7th at 3:00PM Eastern and so we’ll give you more details then, and then also you’ll be able to meet some of the past Accelerator members and hear a little bit about their stories. And also ask them questions so you can hear their experience and of course, you can always ask them when we’re not in a webinar so they can share anything that you want to know. These are some incredible people who have really bonded together and a lot of them even showed up and attended TCC In Real Life. They were like a copy family. They just were really fun and connected and had bonded through the Accelerator experience.

Rob: That was one of the most reading things about the event was just meeting everybody who had been through the Accelerator program. Meeting the people who had been in the Think Tank one on one, sharing stories, getting together, it was great and the bonding that happens in these two programs, it’s hard to put into words what it does for you. But as far as increasing your confidence and your ability, increasing your faith in yourself and your ability to get stuff done, it just works. And so, if you’re interested in take your business to the next level, if you’re a beginner, the Accelerator. If you’ve been doing this for a little while, the Think Tank. Let us know, because we would love to help you do that and be part of your journey.

Kira: And if you have questions you can reach out to either one of us on Facebook and we’ll answer all of your questions about these programs. All right, thank you.

Rob: Thanks everybody.



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