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Have you heard this joke yet?

The past, the present and the future strut into a bar…

The vibe grew tense. Badum-ching!

(That’s why we’re copywriters, not comedians, folks.)

Hey, How’s it going?

We’re the voices behind The Copywriter Club Podcast

You can call us Rob and Kira. Kira and Rob. Or even Robira (we’ll answer to just about anything).

Our number one goal at The Copywriter Club is to help you think about your business in a BIGGER way. We’re talking about T-Rex-kind-of-BIG.

Curious to find out how you can grow your copywriting business with The Club, or how the two of us first met? Click below for the full story.

Did Kira and Rob really meet on Tinder?

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what copywriters are saying about the club...

In less than two years, Kira Hug and Rob Marsh have managed to do the impossible. They resurrected the lost art of engaged Facebook groups, launched a successful podcast, and cultivated a community of over seven thousand copywriters launching and growing businesses.
—Margo Aaron, Copywriter and Contributor at Inc.com
Kira & Rob do an outstanding job of taking you behind-the-scenes of not just what it's like to be a working copywriter, but critical lessons everyone needs to be able to create copy that converts.
—Maggie Patterson, Copywriter, Podcaster, and Small Business Boss
OMG. Where was this when I was getting started!?
—Ry Schwartz, Copywriter