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Sure, you could respond to yet another job posting on Upwork, cross your fingers, and wait to be chosen, or you could...

Stop rolling into the same ring with the same competition, fighting over projects that barely cover the cost of your monthly Sriracha subscription (...with clients who make you want to shoot Sriracha out of your nose!).

Why compete with thousands of other copywriters when you can sit back in your Eames leather lounge chair (*ahem* you know you've made it when your chair swivels 360°) and let the clients crawl over to you, scraping their nails on the hardwood floor, begging for your time?

Good news: you don't have to wait a decade to go from an Overwhelmed Freelancer to a Booked-Out Business Owner... 

"Now what? I've landed a few copywriting jobs... but I have NO IDEA what to do next!"

Wondering where all the cool-slash-NOT-cray-cray clients hang out?  Are they lounging at the LinkedIn mansion or sipping hot cocoa in the Instagram hot tub? WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?

(...imagine if you had a VIP ticket to a private club—where the most lucrative leads flow like fat-free chocolate milk

Not sure if you're charging enough, kind of in the ballpark, or selling your soul for turkey jerky? 

(...imagine if you could define your packages and prices strategically, and finally feel confident on sales calls

Tired of questioning your direction, next steps, and the whole "running a business thing"? 

(...imagine if you could wake up in the morning knowing exactly what you should focus your time and attention on and finally feeling like you've got your Froot Loops lined up neatly in a row

Wanna be a legit copywriter? 

You need to get serious about your business

(...and your oxygen levels)

Not because you've got writer's block or anything. Actually, most of the time the writing comes easy...

You already know how to formulate a catchy headline, write CTAs that get a response, and string together words and sentences that make clients swoon.

It's all the other stuff you have to juggle... because most new copywriters don't think about their business as a, well, business

They approach copywriting like a freelance gig and continue to struggle to grow their business on sites like Upwork. 

Write great copy and the money will follow, right?  If only it was that easy. 

Now, if you're anything like us, you've probably asked yourself this question repeatedly...

Why do some new copywriters barely scrape by while other copywriters are booked out three months in advance?

Here's the biggest difference between the Overwhelmed Freelancer and the Booked-Out Business Owner...

One thing we’ve noticed is that most of the Overwhelmed Freelancers we've met have the talent to get started, but they quickly hit a ceiling...

And they have NO IDEA what to do next. So they end up surfing forums, Facebook groups, and job listing sites for short-term gigs that barely pay.

These Overwhelmed Freelancers fall into a perpetual mindset of ‘who am I to call myself a copywriter?’

And they say things like ‘why would anyone choose to work with me over someone else?’

So they try to figure it out alone…

Reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, buying every copywriting course, and attending all the networking events. 

But even with all this extra knowledge, the problem remains...

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Doing more of what got them started, ISN’T the answer to getting to the next level... and attracting better clients with bigger budgets.

If the Overwhelmed Freelancer wants to finally accelerate their business growth, they have to do things differently... 

They have to ask themselves:  

"What's next? What new service can I offer my clients? How can I add more value (and raise my rates)? How do brand myself and grow my platform?"

The Booked-Out Business Owner, on the other hand, leverages a proven system—a system designed to kick-start your copywriting business, attract more clients consistently, and dramatically boost your confidence. 

(The Accelerator will help you figure all this stuff out, so you don't have to question your next move again.

BUT FIRST, who are these *merpeople* floating around on this page like they're hot fish? 

Maybe you're wondering... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!? Are they mermaids or copywriters or WHAAAT?

How's it going? Rob Marsh here.

I've worked as a Copywriter, Producer and Creative Director at various companies including FranklinCovey, Publicis, and Hewlett Packard. So I have “big company” and “agency” experience.

While I wouldn't exactly call myself a serial entrepreneur, I would call myself a cereal addict (Cocoa Puffs, anyone?). 

Today I consult with a variety of technology and wellness companies to create effective landing pages, conversion funnels, and marketing campaigns at Brandstory Copy and Content. 

In my "free" time, you might catch me riding my bike 200+ miles in a single day... because pain is fun. 

I live next to the mountains in Salt Lake City with my wife, four kids, and a neurotic Westie.

And I work with this copywriter who refers to herself as 'The Hug Machine' (weird, right?)... have you met Kira yet?

Kira Hug in da house. Both a practicing contrarian and alliteration activist (...hiiii, you are my people).

Rob's right... I am 'The Hug Machine'. And I specialize in personality-driven launch copy and help small business owners package their ‘weird’ following my signature Weird Trifecta Framework™.  

In a previous life, I was an art major and ended up working with global brands like Estee Lauder Companies. I also led the marketing team for startups like and global health nonprofits (what up, glaucoma and breastfeeding).

When I'm not hanging with copywriters, you'll find me running around the Capitol (trying my best to channel Claire Underwood) or attempting to play the violin with my daughter (it’s our new thing, don’t judge).

I'm moving to Maine next month from Washington, DC with my husband and three kids.  

And I CAN'T WAIT to help you accelerate your business growth over the next few months...

Introducing The Copywriter Accelerator

*Slow Down To Speed Up*

(...that's what we say)

A proven 5-month business intensive designed to give you the blueprint, structure, coaching & community you need to accelerate your business growth. So you can go from the Overwhelmed Freelancer to the Booked-Out Business Owner with us by your side, every step of the way.

JANUARY 2023 - JUNE 2023

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Go from making "some money" to being contacted by Adidas for a project, like Eman Zabi...

Eman Zabi,

"My average project price had gone up by 400% (no, not a typo), AND I was even contacted by Adidas for a project!"

“When I joined the Copywriter Accelerator, I had a vague, fuzzy idea of what I wanted to do, I was making some money, but not a lot.

By the time Kira and Rob were done with me, I had made back the cost several times over, I had a concrete idea of exactly who I wanted to target.

I can’t recommend The Copywriter Accelerator enough. It has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date!”

How many Swedish fish are included in your candy jar (yep, clearly we've committed to the underwater theme here!)?


Access the Business Acceleration System designed specifically for copywriters.

This system includes the most critical 8 biz accelerators you need to build a resilient (and profitable) business as a copywriter:
1. Flip Your Business Mindset (because building a biz is about a lot more than writing... It's the difference between being an 'order taker' vs. a CEO)

2. Nail Your Niche and X-Factor (because according to our recent salary report, copywriters who specialize in a niche earn 50% more than copywriters who don't!)

3. Create Profitable Packages (because selling high-end services doesn't have to be that hard if you bundle 'em right!)

4. Power-up Your Processes (because building step-by-step systems for your business is the easiest, fastest way to reduce overwhelm and increase confidence)

5. Price Yourself for Profitability (because shifting from time-based pricing to value-based pricing is one of the most effective ways to increase your revenue)

6. Manage Your Clients So They Don't Micro-Manage You (because taking orders is for baristas, not copywriters)

7. Brand Yourself For Distinction (because THIS is what separates you from every other copywriter in our eco-system)

8. Get The F*ck Out There (because this is how you become the go-to copywriter your dream clients MUST hire!)
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Personalized Feedback, Actionable Blueprints & Advice Bi-Weekly via Group Coaching Calls

You'll get unstuck and find the answers you need with us as you progress through all 8 biz accelerator modules.

Most courses force you to work solo, questioning your every move, and wondering if you're on the right track... or wasting your time. We prefer a more intensive, and oh-so-intimate approach to business development.

That's why we've scheduled a total of eight live 75-minute group coaching sessions with you. As you work through your modules and bi-weekly blueprints (AKA actionable worksheets), we'll provide real-time feedback to ensure you're making the progress you need to grow. 

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Get stufffff done with accountability groups and a private network of copywriters you can trust

Take advantage of daily feedback, critiques, and 'group think' for four months (it's basically a mini-mastermind).

Step into an intimate and totally private virtual Slack room to connect, collaborate, and critique each other's biz blueprints. This is where ideas turn into profit and colleagues turn into besties.

We'll also add you to a "Copy Crew" group, which is basically a mini-mastermind 6 (ish) peers so you can hold each other accountable throughout the entire program.

(We don't guarantee friendship, but we do guarantee a no-drama-allowed policy, so the virtual walls of this tank are lined with positive vibes and a whole lot of trust).

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Steal top business growth strategies & tactics from the tippy top of copywriters at a private networking event

Oh yeah, we're inviting a few of our past Accelerator members  back for private networking and never-been-heard-before Q&A sessions.

Sit down with some of the top copywriters we know (AKA past Accelerator members) and ask them questions you'd NEVER be able to ask, unless you were trapped in an elevator together. These are folks who rarely offer individual consulting sessions. We'll trap them in a room so we can extract strategic advice from a radically different angle. 





You're comfortable selling other people's stuff, but you're not-so-great at selling your services  (...imagine if you could ask copywriters you trust & respect for pricing, positioning, process, and proposal feedback 24/7)


You're under pressure to GTFOT and create content, pitch yourself to podcasts, post on social media, brand yourself, and show up consistently online (...imagine if you could park your tush in front of only the dreamiest of clients and make them eat out of your Cheetos fingers)

You've maxed out ALL available hours in the day —and the thought of trading your time for dimes makes you want to give up and become a zookeeper instead (...imagine building a system that attracts a constant string of leads )
"I've had my first $30K+ month ($33,346 if you want specifics)..."

"The Copywriter Accelerator was the starting point for 99% of the glorious things that've happened in my business... 

Not to say things were dire or horrible beforehand (bills were getting paid, work was flowing through) but they were stagnant and unexciting. 

I was taking on whatever projects got referred to me (a lot of which weren't particularly challenging or meaningful) and essentially treading water. I wasn't building anything. I wasn't deliberate in the opportunities I was creating for myself. 

Jumping into the Accelerator changed that. I picked a niche (OMG COPY I LOVE WRITING!), created a brand, and started thinking of myself as a business rather than a freelancer. And things started happening. 

I got some incredible projects (thanks to Kira), raised my rates, started getting enquiries from strangers on the internet, and got really excited about what was possible. 

Now, 18 months later, I feel like I'm kicking some serious big-picture goals. I've got wonderful clients (all of them). 

I'm booked out 3 months in advance. I've had my first $30K+ month ($33,346 if you want specifics). And the work I'm doing—both in and on my business—makes me deep-in-my-bones happy... most days ;)  

Did the Accelerator do all of this on its own? No. But it's the foundation that ALL of this is built on. 100%. And my life would look very different right now if I hadn't got myself inside. So well played, 2017 Kirsty... well played."

"Rob and Kira have helped me own my value (...and drastically raise my prices) feel confident going after the clients I know I can best serve, and become super-intentional about how I build my brand."

"When I first started working with Kira & Rob, I felt pretty good about my copywriting skills but had a lot of questions around the business side of things.

I was immediately blown away by how deeply they cared about #1: helping you define what a successful copywriting career means to YOU (instead of fitting into a 'one-size-fits-all' box) and #2: equipping you with the training, templates, and community to guide you along every step of your journey.

There’s no one I trust and recommend more than Kira & Rob for building your copywriting biz - no matter what stage you're at."




Listen, if you join The Copywriter Accelerator and realize we're a bunch of losers... you have 30 days to yell at us and get your money back. Yelling optional. Actually, it's discouraged. Kira's ears are sensitive.

So, you've got an ENTIRE month to figure out whether or not you *really* like Rob's voice or Kira's nervous laughter or growing your business in a private room with some of the most talented up-and-coming copywriters we can wrangle. 

You've got integrity, we've got integrity. Let's all shake hands and commit to doing the right thing. Cool?

"The generosity, transparency, community and combined creativity Kira & Rob bring to the digital table is unlike any program I've ever taken."

"One year ago, I had a ton of clients and zero direction. Tons of random projects, but no gratification. I still thought I knew what I was doing... Until I found The Copywriter Accelerator. 

Kira and Rob taught me how to set up my business for repeatable success. From rock-solid systems to designing crazy cool packages (that I've had to trademark) and taking the plunge to niche down my audience... It felt like my business got off the Highway to Somewhere and onto the fast-track to 5-carat clarity. 

Not only do I feel wayyy more confident selling my services and showing up in the right places, I learned so much about what it takes to go from being a good copywriter to a GREAT one. 

The Accelerator is basically a VIP backstage pass to their brains.

I always kick myself for remembering that I had considered "trying it next year", because I wouldn't be making anything close to the income I'm earning now–or be as in love with my current client waitlist (seriously, now I LOVE my clients!). 

In fact, I'd probably be applying to jobs on LinkedIn at 2 AM out of boredom. So if you have an inkling that you'll need this, chances are you 10001% do."

Chanti Zak is basically a rockstar, and she trusts us...

"Kira and Rob offer support, tips, tools, and expertise with zero pretentiousness. They're both really good at what they do, but that doesn't always make you a good teacher - that's not the case with Rob and Kira. They're both naturally gifted teachers and they guide you toward your goals with grace and integrity."



Go from the "Struggling Freelancer" to the "Booked-Out Business Owner"

JANUARY 2023 - JUNE 2023

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"The Accelerator gave me what I needed to make a fundamental shift as a copywriter...

“Before doing the program I very much had the ‘employee mindset’ that a lot of freelancers struggle with. Now I see my copywriting career as a business. Rob and Kira helped me to analyse and plan all the different parts of that business, and it’s made a huge impact upon my working life and my income.”




"The biggest thing I got out of The Accelerator was: CONFIDENCE."

"For the first two years in business, I'd make decisions based on what "felt" right or "sounded" good. But you can't build a sustainable copywriting business on hunches.

Kira and Rob—and the Accelerator community at large—validated my better ideas, and made me rethink some of my more, um, questionable ones. I entered the Accelerator thinking I wanted to completely change direction in my business.

I left deciding to double down on what I'd built so far, and really focus on what was working—since now I knew what worked. It's not a coincidence that my business crossed the six-figure mark in the year since I graduated from the Accelerator."



"My life has done a 180 since I first stepped into the virtual halls of The Copywriter Accelerator!"

"I loved my previous career as an image consultant & wardrobe stylist. So when I realized I'd reached the tippy-top of my career, I decided it was time for a career makeover. Not just "slapping on a little lipstick" but a true "What Not to Wear" kind of makeover. 

Even though I've always worked in "writing-adjacent" jobs, I never thought I could call myself a writer – even when I was doing writing! But, after subcontracting with a couple of established conversion copywriters I thought to myself "Ya know what, Glick? This is fun! This could really be something!" 

That's when I found Kira & Rob (aka my Stacey & Clinton), TCC, the podcast, and a little somethin' somethin' called The Copywriter Accelerator. 

I'll never forget our first call when I told Rob and Kira that my goal was to write my resignation letter by Labour Day weekend...

This without a steady client-base, a community, or really an understanding of what my X-Factor was in the writing world. Their response? "That's bold...we're going to make sure you get there."

That was late-February 2018 and, sure enough, by September I was writing that letter and happy-crying as I hugged my colleagues at Nordstrom good-bye (knowing that I'd be back, hanging out at eBar click-clacking away on my computer anyway!).

My life has done a 180 since I first stepped into the virtual halls of The Copywriter Accelerator! I've defined my X-Factor, booked myself full with great clients every month, guested on the very podcast that started it all (heeeey!), found a whole bunch of kindred spirit colleagues in TCC and at IRL that I chat with literally all. the. time (shout out to my Accelerator Grad friends!), and even got accepted to Think Tank this year to continue my copy business journey – all in one year.

I'm playin' with the Big Kids now!

I can't imagine how long these changes would have taken if I hadn't taken the leap of investing in myself by signing up for The Copywriter Accelerator. Whether you're a pretty seasoned writer, or starting fresh like I was, if you're ready to give your career a makeover do not pass "GO" – sign up for The Copywriter Accelerator right this second and get ready for your business makeover!"



"I now have a clear path forward, and tons of talented people who are also investing in themselves that serve as my professional inner circle"

"The first time Rob and Kira opened the doors to The Accelerator, I totally missed the boat. 

Not that the program didn't sound appealing... it actually seemed like exactly what I needed to get to the next level, but the money wasn't there so I had to pass. Maybe you can relate. Luckily, the second time I got the chance to join The Accelerator, I jumped at the opportunity. That turned out to be a FANTASTIC decision.

Over the next few months, I made a ton of progress... I streamlined my onboarding, project management, and offboarding processes...

I cut down from two niches to one (this made my messaging MUCH clearer). I pivoted from the 'every project is unique' model to one driven by productized services with some specialized work. And I came the realization that the time to start promoting myself seriously is NOW.

So here's the deal... you only have a few days to get in on The Accelerator... you might be sitting there wondering whether now is the time to make the jump and invest in yourself and get the guidance you need to get to the next level. 

If you want my advice, do it. Don't miss the boat like I did the first round. It was more than worth it when I finally did make the investment."



Hear from our most recent

Copywriter Accelerator Graduates...

Go from the Overwhelmed Freelancer to the Booked-Out Business Owner

JANUARY 2023 - JUNE 2023

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We won't run this program again until February 2023 so don't wait to grow your business with us. 


[Add clear-yet-clever-yet-comedic crosshead right here #winkyface]

"I’ve had way worse mentors than Rob and Kira. Turns out, they aren’t nearly as mean as you think. They’re just so darn lovable. And they’ve restored my faith in humanity. Or at least in people you meet on the Internet."




Float them our way...


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