5-Day Habits Challenge with Kira Hug
Step 01: Complete ✔️
You're all set, there!

How do you get started, you ask?

02. Get started by watching this short (ish) “welcome” video.

03. Say, hello! to your fellow visionary copywriters (aka “planners”) inside this pop-up FB group.

04. Fill in the template below or make up your own, drop it like it’s hot (yep) in the FB group, and tag Kira so we can all meet you.

"[Insert your most ridiculous nickname. Don’t have one? Create one and own it].

*Yeah, that’s what my friends call me. I know, it’s ridiculous. Feel free to use it now that we’re spending some Q-time together in this virtual cafe we call Facebook. *

When I’m not spending time doing [insert your favorite hobbies/interests/pastimes here -- this is your chance to geek out and show your personality]...

You’ll find me [insert verb] at [insert your company name] Headquarters where I specialize in [XXXXXX]."

Moving forward, you’ll receive a daily email with your “challenge” video and action plan for the day. ← That’s all you need to make progress in this challenge.

Want to make the MOST out of your time in this challenge? 

Great! The best way to maximize your time with us this week is to show up in the pop-up FB group daily to share your wins, aha! moments, and struggles with the community.

Cheer on and support your fellow planners, too. You never know where a connection could lead, right?

We’re all in this together.

Alright, thanks for trusting us to guide you through this challenge.

See you in the FB group!

Kira (and Rob)