The Copywriter Club Serenity Now! Strategic Positioning Experience

Skip the freakout and Serenity Now! with a pivot that gets prospects flooding your pipeline.
(Despite weird-ChatGPT-recession times.)

Serenity Now! is a 3-month strategic positioning experience designed to help copywriters, content writers, & creatives make a powerful pivot so you can ride out the recession with the ease of a professional surfer. 🏄

It's weird economic times... It's weird A.I. times... It's just weird times, all-around, right?

You might be struggling to get new clients, repeat clients, or simply "better" clients who can afford your signature package because maybe it feels like the prospect machine isn't pumping out copy demand like it used to.

It can feel scary out there... lots of layoffs, budget cuts, bank woes, robot takeovers (but not really cuz we use A.I., it doesn't use us).

Sure, the summer slog is just around the school crossing zone, and...

If you're not a parent, it's likely some of your clients are, and you know what that means...

Kids are home.

Shorter office hours.

But longer days (to worry?!).

Vacation days.

Client projects crawl to a...well, a crawl.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and under-impressed with the slowness of it all.

(When will it bounce back? Do the robots know?!)

One thing we do know is that summer is always a bit sleepy, and the copywriters who use the time to prepare for a busy Fall end up...well, busier.

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Now's the time to start thinking about what you want your Q3 to look like...

Booked out? Cash overflow? So stacked you can take December off??

We want that for you, too.

Even in a roller coaster economy that may or may not start climbing in the next 90 days, setting yourself up for a strong third quarter (and end of year) is always a solid bet.

But even though it can feel scary

You don't need to...

*I repeat*


Discount your services, or...

Put your current project packages & services on a flash sale, or...

Switch back to hourly pricing (remember the early days, before you knew how to price your expertise not your time?), or...

Spiral into a self-doubt blackhole 🕳️ and question every business decision you’ve ever made (seriously, please don’t do this to yourself). 

Because you already have the tools to run a successful business and the copywriting skills to shift gears for your clients. 

And we’ll help you oil up any rusty cogs and get your own lead machine motor purring like the coziest cat who’s bowl never empties. 

When the world pivots, clever copywriters pivot, too.

That’s why we (Kira and Rob) developed a new strategic coaching experience dedicated to helping you create a fresh pivot

We're talking about a pivot without a total business overhaul, career shift, or commitment to a high-ticket year-long mastermind (though we totally welcome newcomers to that program when you need it).

Oh yeah, and we don't recommend burning your business down to the ground either. You don't need to reach for your matches when you've got Serenity Now! 

In 90-days Serenity Now! will help you gain clarity, peace of mind, and create calm for yourself *and your clients* by helping you:


  • Reposition your business and expertise to grab new client attention and freshen up existing relationships with 3-months strategic positioning direction with Kira and Rob. (Pssst! We've helped hundreds of copywriters *including some of the most well-known copywriters in our space* reposition themselves in programs like The Copywriter Think Tank so we know we can help you, too.)

  • Create a shiny new signature package the truly speaks to the current (and most relevant) needs of your dream clients via digestible video lessons with action-step blueprints to guide you through the thinking process.  

  • Craft sharper-than-a-machete messaging to cut through the Buzzfeed noise and sell your new package—on your website, social media channels, and sales calls. (You'll know what to say and how to say it to grab attention, stand out, and build trust quickly.)

  • Ideate new possibilities for yourself, troubleshoot, problem solve, think bigger, and achieve more with bi-weekly group coaching calls (6 total group calls) with Rob, Kira, and your fellow crew. (You'll receive personalized feedback during these calls because you won't be just a number in this intimate program.

  • Feel confident and ready to launch your new signature package into the world *and start closing some projects $$ like tomorrow* with a final critique, which includes feedback from the two of us on your final signature position, package, and messaging. (You'll walk away with personalized feedback so you feel 100% confident in sharing your new package with the world.)

  • The peace of mind knowing you can keep the lights on—and then some—with a small but powerful pivot inside the business you already love. (No need to burn it down to the ground, Friend).

    Ready for a powerful pivot so you can ride out the recession
    with the ease of a seasoned-slash-somewhat-agile surfer?🏄

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    So what's included on
    the Serenity Now! 3-month
    positioning plate?

    MONTH 01: JUNE ✔️


     Connect-the-dots from your past experiences to the new problem you can solve today in a way that's relevant to your prospect today, not a year ago.

    Take advantage of The X-Factor Formula to identify what makes you different from every other copywriter or content writer out there. You'll finally feel clear and confident in what you do, how you do it, and what gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

    Walk away with an X-Factor positioning statement that is not only relevant in today's marketplace, but also helps you stand out as a professional in all aspects of your online business.

    You'll receive personalized feedback on your X-Factor Positioning Statement from Rob and Kira (and your fellow Serenity Now! crew) during a private positioning critique at the end of June.
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    MONTH 02: JULY ✔️


    Because selling high-end services doesn't have to feel oily if you bundle 'em right.

    Create a new profitable signature offer (this could be a DFY 1:1 offer or a scalable 1:many offer) that prospects and former clients want right now using our 5-D Sensory Prism process...

    This 5-D process breaks down your offer into a variety of sensory experiences, each representing a unique dimension so your offer stands out from every other competing offer in the market.

    You'll walk away with a new framework, package name and description, big idea, promise, transformation statement, framework, pricing, tech stack, sales messaging, and user manual so you know how to deliver your package, step-by-step.

    Price your package for profitability so you're not stuck selling by the hour, by the word, or even by deliverable. (Because shifting from time-based pricing to value-based pricing is one of the most effective ways to increase your revenue).
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    MONTH 03: AUGUST ✔️


    Cut through the Buzzfeed noise with strategic messaging that speaks to your ideal client and sells your signature package for you.

    Go from "but I don't know what to say" to "Listen up, folks!" with a step-by-step messaging excavation designed to dig up your viewpoints from deep within. So you feel confident in your positioning, perspective, and unique point of difference.

    You'll feel confident when you talk about your signature package. No more stumbling over your words when you ask for the sale because you'll have a go-to script you can rely on to sell your signature package on any sales call or in any marketing conversation.
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    "So what does the Serenity Now! schedule look like? (...because I've got a busy summer, Friends)" 

    First off, thanks for calling us friends...

    Second, summer schedules aren't exactly optimal for extra meetings and calls.

    You've got vacations planned, family visits booked, kids at home, gorgeous weather outside, and btw that beach is totally calling your name.

    We get it... Rob and I have kids *of all ages* at home this summer so we intimately understand the beautiful chaos that is upon us...

    Despite the irregular schedule and onslaught of distractions, our businesses don't stop. And our bills and expenses definitely don't stop. (Wouldn't that be nice, though, if they did?)

    Summer is the best time to revisit your business and rethink the way you're showing up and positioning yourself. It's also a great time to think about your packages and offer suite, and your messaging. Is it matching the moment? Is it serving your clients today or is it outdated?

    Listen, we believe this is the best time to make a pivot, so you're ready to go big by the time September rolls around.

    Because of this, we've designed your weekly "sprint" to work around your summer schedule. So you can plug in on your own time, even if that means early morning or late night.

    Other than two live group sessions each month (which you could technically catch afterward since we'll record everything), you can fit this program into the pockets of time that work best for you.

    Here's what your schedule looks like... 

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    "Excuse me, ummm what are these critique
    sessions I see in the calendar?

    This new positioning experience is not a course. It's not about watching videos and pretending like we're making magic together.

    You don't have time to waste. You need your business to work. You need your packages to bring in revenue. And you need all of this, like, yesterday. 

    We designed this coaching program to help you get stuff done. So you're not just thinking about your new positioning, package, and messaging, you're building it, week-by-week.

    (Granted, we love to think and ideate, so you will have plenty of time for that, too.)

    What does "getting stuff done" look like in practice?

    It's starting off each week with a micro-sprint, which includes a short video and a easy-breezy challenge for you to implement that week. We're all about breaking down hard things into itty bitty steps so you can fit it into your busy schedule.

    Over the month of June, you'll build out your new positioning, week-by-week. In July, you'll build your new packaging. And in August, you'll build out your new messaging.

    You'll receive ongoing feedback during our group coaching calls, and you'll feel 100% confident in what you're creating after you share your final positioning, signature package, and messaging during the end-of-month group critiques. (Those are the sessions where you'll receive the most feedback from the two of us and your fellow copywriters.)

    The best part? You'll make friends along the way. 
    We'll introduce you to fellow copywriters and content writers who are doing the work alongside you. You'll hang with them in our private Slack community, designed to give you access to not only the two of us (and our team), but also your new network of fellow creatives.

    You'll not only feel guided throughout the entire 3-month program, you'll know what to do and when. So you don't have to fumble through it on your own. And let another summer pass you by with little to show for it.

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    So who are we and why should you pivot
    with us inside Serenity Now!?

    After building our own six-figure businesses, we founded The Copywriter Club to help other copywriters, content creators, and brand strategists do the same. 

    Over the last six years, we've helped 1,000s of copywriters and content writers position themselves for distinction and create new profitable packages that help them stand out, close more projects, and grow sustainable businesses as writers. 

    We're Rob Marsh and Kira Hug...

    The hosts of The Copywriter Club Podcast 
    🎙️🎧 and the new A.I. for Creative Entrepreneurs Podcast (...yeh, we like podcasts, what can we say?).

    Rob's been writing winning copy since the 90s for companies like Cedar Sinai Hospital, United Healthcare, Publicis, and Hewlett-Packard. He has an MBA and has been part of three start-ups. So he has "big company," "startup," and "agency" experience. He knows a thing or two about finding clients and running a successful business.

    Kira is obsessed with behavior design, and she’s a licensed Tiny Habits Coach who specializes in personality-driven brand strategy & launch copy. She’s worked with global brands like Estee Lauder, nonprofits like The Glaucoma Foundation, and startups like Actionable Books, as well as well-known online personalities like Jasmine Star, Sigrun, James Wedmore, Michelle Pollack, and Jonathan Fields.

    Together, we're here to help you position yourself in a new way so you can get paid to do your creative work with less stress. And you no longer feel the itch to burn your business to the ground...

    Your business can remain relevant and if you choose to evolve as a business. This is how you start to feel a little lighter, a little more hopeful, and a little more confident in your future as a copywriter.

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    Join us inside the Serenity Now! strategic positioning program
    today for 3 payments of $425

    (...or a one-time payment of $1200)

    Take advantage of this opportunity to experience a brand new positioning program designed to help you go from "Why isn't anything working right now?" to "Ah, finally! I'm back in control of my business!"

    Take advantage of this BETA offer at the lowest rate ever because we'll overdeliver (and then some). While we've helped hundreds-possibly-thousands of copywriters nail their positioning and packages in our biz programs, this is the first time we're focusing solely on positioning in a coaching program.

    We want you to be a success story after our 90 days together. We want you to walk away with a signature package you can sell easily. And we'll go above for you in this BETA round.

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    So how do you know this strategic positioning experience worth it, if it's brand new?

    Well, you don't... We don't have testimonials from this new program because it's just that, brand new. But we can share the experiences fellow copywriters and content writers have had working directly with us... 

    "It's not just the direction they give you, the clarity they give you, or the next steps you need to take in the business...

    Whenever you get stuck, you chat with Rob and Kira and just talk about what's stopping you right now. And they help you get over that immediate obstacle and keep moving towards your goal."

    Esai Arasi
    Think Tank Alumni Member
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    And you could listen to other smart copywriters like Nicola Moors...

    "Getting to know Kira and Rob, they're so generous and wise...
    There's no way I would have achieved what I have the last year without Rob and Kira's guidance."

    Nicola Moors
    Think Tank Alumni Member
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    And you could heed the words of  other savvy copywriters like Daniel Lamb...

    "Working with Rob and Kira has been my cornerstone of success.

    From getting more aligned with my values to raising my prices to building out my team to creating new offers, few of these things would have happened without their support."

    Daniel Lamb
    Think Tank Alumni Member
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    "Okay... sounds cool, but what about a guarantee?
    You know I need a guarantee."


    Take a chance on this new experience,
    and we'll take a chance on you... deal?

    Listen, if you join Serenity Now! and realize we're a bunch of losers... you have 30 days to yell at us and get your money back. Yelling optional. Actually, it's discouraged. Kira's ears are sensitive.

    So, you've got an entire month to figure out whether or not you *really* like Rob's voice or Kira's nervous laughter or growing your business in a private room with some of the most talented copywriters and content writers we can wrangle. 

    You've got integrity, we've got integrity. Let's all shake hands and commit to doing the right thing. Cool?

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