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For copywriters and content creators!

Copywriter Pricing Secrets

4 factors you need to know so you never undercharge again

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Picture this… you’re about to hit send on a proposal to a new client. You really want the work but you don’t want to under charge. But how do you know if you’re charging enough?

Or... maybe it’s time to raise your prices. How high should your new rates be?

Or… you’re adding a new service for your clients. How do you know how much to charge?

These are the best-kept secrets in the copywriting world.

Not because people don’t talk about them.

They do. A lot.

But so much of what they say isn’t right. There’s a ton of bad information out there when it comes to prices and income. Old price sheets. Incomplete pricing guides. And bad advice.

It’s time to set the record straight.

In this free online workshop—exclusively for copywriters and content creators—you’ll learn…


The 4 factors you need to know before you set your price


The best niches—30 industries where copywriters make $100K or more


How to charge for the value you create—not your time

AND if you stay until the end of the workshop, you’ll get a free digital copy of the “results report” from the copywriter salary survey we conducted earlier this year—including what copywriters are charging today for 15 different kinds of projects. ← You won’t want to miss this.

 Join us:
August 25
4:00 PM ET
Even if you can’t make it to one of these workshops live, register anyway so we can share the replay with you!

We promise you’ll walk away from this workshop armed with the pricing strategies you need to make sure you never undercharge for your services again.


AKA ROBIRA (...too much?)

Your Co-Hosts
(And Co-Founders of The Copywriter Club)

Rob Marsh and Kira Hug are copywriters and co-hosts of the incredibly popular podcast (at least among discerning copywriters), The Copywriter Club. 

Rob is an expert marketer, writer, and entrepreneur. He has worked as a Copywriter, Producer and Creative Director at various companies including FranklinCovey, Publicis, and Hewlett Packard. So he has “big company” and “agency” experience.

Kira is a personality-driven copywriter who specializes in launch copy. She also helps small business owners package their "weird" and figure out what makes them different following her signature Weird Trifecta Framework™.  

Copywriters saying nice things about Robira on the Interwebs

"Rob and Kira are both so approachable and available...

They're also very generous with their knowledge—and they have A LOT. I feel like I'll look back on working with them at many points in my career and think 'this was the catalyst that changed it all'. In other words, I'll be thinking of Rob and Kira when I'm 60, which is kind of creepy but also pretty darn cool."

-Kirsty Fanton

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"Rob and Kira have helped me own my value...

When I first started working with Kira & Rob, I felt pretty good about my copywriting skills but had a lot of questions around the business side of things. 

I was immediately blown away by how deeply they cared about #1: helping you define what a successful copywriting career means to YOU (instead of fitting into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ box) and #2: equipping you with the training, templates, and community to guide you along every step of your journey.

They’ve helped me own my value (...and drastically raise my prices), feel confident going after the clients I know I can best serve, and become super-intentional about how I build my brand." 

There’s no one I trust and recommend more than Kira & Rob for building your copywriting biz—no matter what stage you're at."

-Andrey Adison

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"They're both generous with their time and talents... 

Rob and Kira listen super carefully and respond clearly, honestly and positively, even when what they have to say may not be quite what the recipient wants to hear. They're always looking to improve and they genuinely want to help others for their sake, not because it makes them look good. 

Above all, Kira and Rob are so normal! Ok that doesn't sound like a compliment, but it is... they both have families and the usual everyday hassles and worries that we all struggle with. And that makes them all the more relatable and admirable because they get on with sh*t anyway!"

-Gin Walker

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