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The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline

A new, different, and better way to book at least one new client per month in less than 30 minutes a day (plus, you'll find out how these A.I. robots can make prospecting even easier)...

So you can enjoy MORE cozy moments by the campfire and LESS time glued to your laptop this Fall!

There's a refreshing new method for booking one new client per month (in about 30 minutes a day) so you can spend more time fireside this summer with friends & family. 

Or, if you're not a campfire person (because you haven't slept on the ground since you were ten), why not give yourself extra time to watch Naked and Afraid and pretend like you're camping from the comfort of your sofa?

This new method's called The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline.

And in a moment, you'll find out how to get it completely free.

This method is different from the common pitching methods you’ve tried before because it sets you up to book new clients by focusing on habit creation, building your own pitching system, and leveraging A.I. to do it faster than ever before.

You're about to find out how you can start pitching clients in just a few minutes a day because you’ll know exactly what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it to them.

Best part, it doesn’t require you to spend months or days fiddling with the LinkedIn algorithm and attempting to build new relationships at boring networking events, like that last one with stale bagels and bitter coffee. 😑

And you can finally control your lead gen machine regardless of your limited summer hours or the overwhelm you feel from chauffeuring your kids to and fro camp.

So if you want to book one new client per month in less than an hour a day, pay close attention to what we're about to share with you.
 After building our own six-figure businesses, we founded The Copywriter Club to help other writers do the same.  
 Hey, there! 👋 We're Kira Hug and Rob Marsh.

Kira is kinda obsessed with behavior design, and she’s a licensed Tiny Habits Coach who specializes in personality-driven brand strategy & launch copy. She’s worked with global brands like Estee Lauder, nonprofits like The Glaucoma Foundation, and startups like Actionable Books and, as well as well-known online personalities like Shelly Bullard, Jasmine Star, Sigrun, James Wedmore, Michelle Pollack, and Jonathan Fields.

Rob's been writing winning copy since the 90s for companies like Cedar Sinai Hospital, United Healthcare, Publicis, and Hewlett-Packard. He has an MBA and has been part of three start-ups. So he has "big company," "startup," and "agency" experience. He knows a thing or two about finding clients and running a successful business.

Together, we've helped more than a thousand copywriters build sustainable, profitable businesses. And now we want to help you take advantage of A.I. to build a lead gen system that works for you.

Fact is...

There's no better way right now for you to book new clients consistently than by using The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline.

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The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline...


STEP 01 - Develop productive daily habits 
  • Achieve big goals by creating tiny habits that aren't painful with a Habits Masterclass designed to help you attach new behaviors to your anchor moments (aka the habits that are already part of your existing routine).

  • Create your own Habit Recipes, which includes a customized template, which links your current habits to your new, aspirational habits. Like every time you wash your hands, you do a set of three push-ups. This way, new habits happen automatically without you thinking about it. This means, your habits could finally work for you while you're prepping breakfast for your family in the morning.

  • You'll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you achieved the goals you set out to achieve, rather than feeling like nothing ever changes.


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STEP 02 - Nail your X-Factor positioning statement

  • You'll walk through our X-Factor step-by-step methodology to find the intersection between your unique Talent, Niche, Problem, and Benefit Stacks so you end up with the perfect positioning statement that separates you from everyone else.

  • You'll finally nail your X-Factor Positioning Statement so you can stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more of your dream clients. You'll also feel confident in your ability to communicate what you do and how you do it during sales calls, rather than fumbling your way through them.

  • Expect a big increase in your response rate because your prospects will take you seriously as an expert with unique positioning and expertise in the marketplace, rather than yet another generalist who's desperate for work. (Don't be surprised if they respond to you within 24 hours because they're so excited to chat.)


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STEP 03 - Create your Ideal Client Profile
  • Build your Ideal Client Profile with our fill-in-the-blank template, which includes a concise description of the clients you can best serve in your business.

  • You'll categorize your clients into three buckets (Anchor, Ideal, and Dream) so you know which approach to take with each one. Because each client type needs a different type of pitch.

  • You'll finally know exactly who you could work with and pitch so you can focus your energy, which means no more wasting time wandering the internet in hope of randomly bumping into "good fit" clients. 


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STEP 04 - Create your starter offer to get an easy yes

  • Develop a unique mechanism for your package that shows how you deliver your solution in a new way so you finally know how to articulate your value.

  • Build your process for delivering your service step-by-step so you feel clear and confident on your next sales call when your prospect asks, "So what does your process look like?" 

  • Create your package name, tech stack, and price so you're ready to pitch your offer and land an easy yes.


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STEP 05 - Create the perfect pitch so you land clients easier

  • Create Connection Content and a Problem Statement that resonates with your ideal client. So you can sit at your desk and copy-and-paste your content into the perfect pitch in just a few minutes.

  • You can send your pitches faster, rather than spending hours of your day trying to write it from scratch.  This means finding clients is automatic with minimum effort and maximum outcome. And it doesn't take more than an hour every day, if that.

  • You'll feel a sense of relief and success knowing you're not wasting time chasing after "bad fit" prospects. Instead, you'll connect with clients who can afford your services (even if they don't hire you immediately). Which means you'll land more projects and increase your revenue in 2023.

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STEP 06 - Attract prospects with an automatic pitching system 
  • You'll finally have a step-by-step system that makes pitching automatic, which eliminates time spent obsessing over and perfecting your pitch.

  • You'll be able to create a variety of pitches for different types of clients in a matter of minutes. All you do is swap out two paragraphs with content that is specific to the client and you now have a customized pitch just for them.

  • You'll feel a sense of relief and excitement because you'll finally feel in control of your business. Don't be surprised if you start looking forward to pitching clients, rather than dreading it.
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STEP 07 - Patternize your pitching habit so prospecting feels ridiculously easy

  • You'll finally have a step-by-step system that makes pitching automatic, which eliminates time spent obsessing over your pitch. You'll find an anchor moment in your current routine and build a pitching habit onto it so your prospecting feels easy and natural. 

  • Create your own Pitching Habit Recipes, which are baby steps that help you gain momentum, focus your attention on prospecting, and avoid procrastination. This means booking sales calls with ideal clients is part of your day and not something you need to stress about.

  • You'll feel energized and unstoppable because you're doubling your productivity without feeling like you're doing extra work or working extra hours. This type of momentum bleeds into every area of your day and life, including your relationships, health, wellness, and happiness.
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Book one new client per month in about 30 minutes a day...

By making the A.I. robots work for you,
not against you.

(So you can spend more time frolicking with friends at the pumpkin patch 
 or shopping for long underwear because it's that time of year.)


✔️ Is this hard?

No. This is easy to put into action.

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline fits into your natural routine so it becomes second nature.

You're making small changes throughout the day so you're not thrown off your groove by making big challenging adjustments you'd normally resist.

Rather than scrolling through social media, procrastinating and feeling bad about the fact that your business isn't growing, you're taking the actions needed to make it grow.

You feel a sense of accomplishment every time you develop a new tiny habit which trickles over into other areas of your life instead of comparing yourself to others and feeling like an imposter.

And you know what else...

✔️ How much time does this take?

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline takes about thirty minutes a day (less if you batch the work). You'll spend ten minutes identifying ideal clients. Ten minutes plugging info into the MVP template. Five minutes sending it out and the last five minutes engaging with the client on the social media platform of choice. Is my math correct? Great.

You're able to be more efficient in your prospecting and it's not interfering with the rest of your day. You can fit it into any time of your morning, afternoon, or night. And we'll show you how to use A.I. to make it even easier.

You'll feel a sense of relief knowing this isn't going to cause you to rearrange your entire day and put pressure on yourself to get it done.

Instead you can pick a 30-minute slot and just bust it out like your best dance move.🕺

And here's what makes this kinda interesting...

✔️ What if I don't know where to find clients? 

We'll show you how to identify your ideal clients.

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline shows you how to use a combination of keywords, company size, niche, role or job title, and geography, as well as values and company size to find them.

This process makes finding clients easier once you're clear on who they are and where they hang out.

So you're not wasting time going through sites like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, or even Instagram simply hoping you'll accidentally bump into a dream client.

Instead, you'll know exactly where to find them. And you'll feel excited and empowered knowing you can find ideal clients wherever and whenever you want.

And that's just the beginning...
✔️ What if I don't know what to say?

This works even if you have no idea what to say to ideal clients.

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline shows you how to find and create Connection Content that resonates with your prospects.

You'll have an effective formula to follow, rather than trying to figure it out on your own and in the process wasting time questioning yourself.

This formula includes a fill-in-the-blank Problem Statement, Introduction, and CTA.

Every time you sit at your laptop to send a pitch, you're no longer staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out what you should be saying, or scrutinizing every word to make sure it's perfectly perfect.

You'll have confidence in your entire pitch so you can hit "send" without looking back.

And you know what else...

✔️ Will I look desperate when I email my ideal clients? 

Not at all. You'll learn how to warm up leads, create relationships, and write pitches that are welcome, not desperate.

You'll become a specialist when you apply the X-Factor Formula, which means you'll get increased responses which leads to increased sales. So when you contact prospects they're immediately impressed, rather than annoyed or bothered. And instead, they often feel excited or even relieved to learn about the opportunity to work with you.

You'll feel an increased sense of self-worth when you communicate with prospects because you'll know they view working with you as a collaborator, not just another contractor.

And look at this...

✔️ Is this complicated?

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline is simple to use.

It's a paint-by-numbers system with just seven steps.

There's no guesswork or complicated tactics to learn.

You can move through the rest of your day operating at your highest level before your next client call or writing session. And you'll no longer feel drained anytime you focus on prospecting.

You'll feel energized, rather than depleted, because you didn't burn all of your mental calories trying to work through the steps.

And as I said before...

✔️ What if I don't know what to offer my ideal clients? 

This works even if you don't know what to offer your ideal clients right now.

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline contains a 6-Step Starter Package Formula.

This creates a starter package that appeals to your prospects specific needs and desires.

So rather than presenting yourself as a jack of all trades, which leaves your prospects feeling confused or even bored...

Your ideal clients are excited to start working with you because they know you can solve their problem better than everyone else.

You could feel clear, focused, and validated knowing you have exactly what your client needs to get the results they're seeking.

And here's the cool part...

✔️ What if I've never had a client before?

This works even if you've never had a client before.

The X-Factor Formula enables you to lean into past experiences, skills, and strengths.

This process connects the dots from your past experiences to the problem you solve today in a way that's relevant to your prospect.

When you jump on a sales call, you'll feel empowered to clearly articulate the value you bring to the table without stumbling over your words.

So you're no longer feeling anxious or nervous when speaking to your first potential client because you know the value you bring to the table.

And there's more...
✔️ Do I need to be an expert copywriter? 

This works even if you're a newbie copywriter with basic skills.

There's always a problem you can solve for your ideal clients (because they have many problems).

You'll identify the problem you're best suited to solve for them, and you'll write your Problem Statement in the P7 Client Attraction Pipeline.

Regardless of your skill level, you'll feel 100% confident in the problem you can solve for your client once you've nailed this Problem Statement.

This way, instead of wasting time and suffering from analysis paralysis because you think no one will take you seriously...

You can instead keep it easy and copy-and-paste from your Problem Statement to get started.

And I don't want to forget this part...
✔️ How could I possibly see results in only 30 minutes a day? 

With the P7 Client Attraction Pipeline, the process is systematized so pitching is automatic with no need to reinvent the wheel for every pitch.

Simply insert your Connection Content and Problem Statement into your pitch template. It's that easy.

You'll create and send pitches faster. Regardless of how much time you have available, you can squeeze in a pitch or two.

You'll feel more confident because your templates will finally work for you.

Oh yeah, and it gets even better...

✔️ What if I don't have a niche yet? 

The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline works even if you don't have a niche yet.

It works based on whatever stage you're in, even if you're just starting out. And it will will still work regardless of how many niches you choose.

The Ideal Client Profile is flexible and can work even if you haven't nailed down the perfect niche yet, and you're still exploring your options. In fact, we've included a list of 297 different niches you can explore as you nail it down.

You could use several Ideal Client Profiles if you want to test more than one niche. You are not restricted to just one.

This process will help you experiment with a variety of niches so you can gain clarity and finally choose a niche.

So rather than wasting time convincing yourself you can't move forward without a niche, you can now start the process of creating your starter package.

This entire process is designed to give you more clarity so that your niche becomes more well-defined as you walk through it.

And then...

✔️ Will this work even if I don't have a website? 

Yes. You'll create the perfect pitch so you don't need to send prospects to a website.

Everything your prospect needs to jump on a sales call with you is included in the P7 Pitch Template. And you don't need a website url.

You could close projects faster without the delay of a website launch.

So you can hit pause on your website and book your next client without the website holding you back.

You won't feel stressed or pressured to get your website done before starting the process.

By now, you see how and why the P7 Client Attraction Pipeline is so effective at helping you book one new client per month in less than an hour a day.

And you understand what makes it so powerful for reliable lead gen without all the stress and time.

And that's why today, we want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you inside The Copywriter Underground annual membership.

Let me tell you what it will do for you, how quickly it will work, and everything you get today.

✔️ What's up with all the robots? 🤖

Meet your new team of A.I. assistants that are here to help you increase your prospecting, dial in your pitch, and attract more ideal clients.

You'll have access to an exclusive bonus A.I. training designed to help you figure out how to use these tools to increase your productivity and improve your pitches.

So A.I. works for you, not against you. A.I. isn't going anywhere. So let's figure out how you can benefit from these tools in your own business. And give yourself back some time back from the daily grind so you can enjoy getting lost in a corn maze or reading by the fireplace on a Fall day. 

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✔️ How do I get The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline for free? 

Earlier we mentioned that we would show you how to get the P7 Client Attraction System for free.

As you can see, this pitching system is one-of-a-kind. If you do the work, it is guaranteed to help you land clients. So how can we justify giving it away?

We're sharing it with you to get you to try an annual membership to The Copywriter Underground.

And at this point you might be thinking...

So what's The Copywriter Underground all about? 

It's a private annual membership & training pathway for copywriters, content writers, and marketing pros who want to build a profitable business that can weather the storms (and withstand a rogue wave or two).

And when you join as an Annual Member, you'll get The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline absolutely free.

The first thing you get is...

The Pro Habit Masterclass, which includes the Fogg Behavior Model (B=MAP) and Pro Habit Recipes designed so you create new habits based on anchor moments already embedded in your routine.

It's the fastest, easiest way to create tiny habits that aren't painful.

This makes prospecting part of your daily routine so it happens automatically, without thinking (or overthinking).

This means booking sales calls with ideal clients is part of your day and not something you need to stress about.

You can connect with potential clients from anywhere
with a laptop including your kitchen during your morning routine. It's as simple as wiping down the kitchen table after breakfast.

You'll feel energized, unstoppable because you're doubling your productivity without feeling like you're doing extra work or working extra hours.

This type of momentum bleeds into every area of your day and life, including your relationships, health, wellness, and happiness.

You can take this feeling of confidence into every part of your life.
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The second thing you get is...

The X-Factor Masterclass, which includes a Skill-Stack Exercise AND Client-Problem Exercise designed to match your skills and your clients' biggest problem.

So you know what makes you different, unique, and superior to everyone else.

You'll finally stand out in the marketplace so prospects are more likely to respond to you.

You'll feel valued and in control of your business, rather than chasing clients in desperation.

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The third thing you get is...

The X-Factor Positioning Statement, which includes a formula you can use to position yourself as the best person to solve your ideal client's problem.

This makes clients more receptive and open to connecting with you because all of the messaging in your social media channels and website are parallel.

This positioning statement will help you show up as not only an expert, but also a professional in all aspects of your online business, including your website, email, and social media profiles.

You won't feel embarrassed when a potential client checks out your website because your positioning and messaging will be dialed in and consistent.

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The fourth thing you get is...

The Ideal Client Profile Blueprint so you know who you're working with in your business and why. You'll also find out the best way to approach them so they greet you with a warm hello.

This blueprint also helps you know who to pitch, how to grab their attention, and how to land an easy "yes."

No more wasting a ridiculous amount of hours of your precious time searching the Internet for dream clients.

These dream clients won't ghost you, so you'll finally feel confident that your business is headed in the right direction.

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The fifth thing you get is...

The 291+ Industry Niches List, designed to help you explore the vast variety of industries that need help from copywriters, content writers, AI marketers, brand strategists, etc.

This exclusive list will help you find the perfect niche so you don't have to show up as a cookie-cutter business that looks like everyone else's.

No more feeling embarrassed because you look like a "generalist" who can do everything well enough, but doesn't actually specialize in any specific niche.

You'll feel relieved to finally choose a niche you can commit to, rather than jumping from one niche to another.
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The sixth thing you get is...

The "30 Marketing Problems You Can Solve" Checklist AND The "People Who Hire Copywriters" Database, designed to help you think through the many ways you can help your ideal clients.

With the checklist and database, you'll be able to figure out the problem you can solve for your clients — without even talking to them — so you're more likely to score projects.

No more forcing yourself to jump on a bunch of awkward "research" interviews with potential clients so you can figure out their problems. You'll already know their problems so when you do speak with them, you'll feel confident and in control.
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The seventh thing you get is...

The Starter Package Checklist designed to help you outline your entire starter package so you know how to create it, market it, sell it, price it, and implement it.

You'll have a starter package ready to sell, which means you'll know what to sell on your next sales call. No more fumbling over your words and regretting everything you didn't say after your next sales call.

You'll feel confident in your ability to demonstrate the value you bring to the table because you'll be prepared and know what to offer (and how to present it).

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The eighth thing you get is...

The MVP Pitch Template (just one of the more than 20 pitch templates included) designed to help you write your minimum-viable pitch. So you're not trying to do it on your own, Frankensteining a bunch of terrifying pitches together, spending hours on your laptop, and ending up with a monster of a pitch.

You'll feel surprised at how quickly you can now put your pitch together with this proven template.

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The ninth thing you get is...

The "Over-the-Shoulder Prospecting" Training designed to show you how you can find prospects' contact info with Google, LinkedIn, and (as well as several other tools).

You'll know where, specifically, to send your pitches so your pitch ends up in the right inbox.

You'll feel motivated to send more and more pitches because you'll know your pitches reach the right people. And the effort is worthwhile.

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The tenth thing you get is...

The Pitch-Tracking Template, which is a spreadsheet that allows you to plug in all the info you need to pitch efficiently. This is how you'll keep your pitching process easy and organized.

Moving forward, all of your prospect and pitching info will be ready-to-go, saved in one place. You won't have to open several tabs to find what you need. Or dig through multiple virtual files. It's all in one place.

You'll feel in control, confident, and organized because you've got all your ducks in a row.

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You have everything you need to book at least one new client every single month 

But this is just the beginning of what you get with The Copywriter Underground.

When you join The Copywriter Underground as an annual member today, you also get access to monthly group coaching, weekly copy critiques (including critiques of your pitches), regular business and copywriting training, a bi-monthly print newsletter mailed to your home, and a lot more.

You'll have immediate access to all of the following (and more)...

✔️ 4 masterclasses designed to help you position your business as the only solution for your clients.

This section of The Underground includes several masterclasses that will show you how to position your business so clients want to work with you now.

Starting with a dynamic presentation featuring
the #1 authority on client acquisition funnels & marketing, Todd Brown.

The Unique Mechanism Masterclass will help you not only differentiate how you deliver your result, but help you demonstrate how you are superior to every other option.

You'll finally understand what gives you an advantage over everyone else in the marketplace.

So when someone asks, "Why should I hire you over someone else?" you'll finally know what to say.

You'll also have access to three additional masterclasses demonstrating How to Build Your Framework, How to Find your Bat Signal Talent (featuring copywriter Keven Rogers), and How to Find Your Superpower.

And we're just getting started...

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✔️ 5 more masterclasses to help you build your authority and credibility as a copywriter.

While the P7 Client Attraction Pipeline shows you everything you need to know to find your ideal clients, the real difference maker is when clients start to find you.

With these masterclasses featuring experts like Joanna Wiebe, Brigitte Lyons, and Kate McShea, you'll know exactly how to show up online, at events, on podcasts and wherever your prospects are so they immediately recognize you at THE authority they want to work with.

They include our excellent "course" From Unknown to Celeb Status, Building Your Own Intellectual Property, The 3 Stages of Authority, and How to Grow Your Authority with Podcasts. Some of these trainings have never been seen outside of our annual event.

These 5 presentations are a must for getting yourself out there—where clients can find you so you no longer have to pitch because your pipeline is full of prospects ready to hire you for the work you do.

You'll also get...

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✔️ 7 additional masterclasses to up-skill your copywriting.

The Copywriter Underground is focused on the business skills you need to find clients and build the systems that help you serve them. But your copywriting skills are critical too. So we've added several additional masterclasses to help you get better at copy and content writing.

Starting with our unique workshop on how to come up will millions of ideas to write about (for blogs, social media, emails and more)—even if you have no idea what you should say. This one workshop will fill your idea bucket—gauranteed.

And we've added these masterclasses: The 6 Lead Types with A-List Copywriter Jack Forde, How to Edit Sales Copy with the world's foremost copy coach David Garfinkel, Writing Sales Pages with Billion Dollar Copywriter Stefan Georgi and Telling a Story with Your Copy featuring the most successful copywriter working today, Parris Lampropoulos.

If you're serious about becoming a great copywriter, you need them all.

And you'll get each of them, plus dozens more when you join The Copywriter Underground today...

Like this next masterclass that will help you know what to say and what not to say during your next sales call...

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✔️ The "Conversations that Convert 5-Step Masterclass" 

With this bonus you get... an entire sales mastery course that'll help you show up to a sales call ready to handle hesitations and objections so you can close the sale.

This means you won't show up to sales calls with a few random questions scribbled down on the pad of paper in front of you.

You'll show up with a step-by-step plan so you can handle any sales situation with confidence.

And you'll feel confident showing up to any sales call because you know how to handle hesitations and objections, so you'll close more projects.

This isn't the only course included in The Copywriter Underground. You'll also get our PERFECT Proposal Course, the Celebrity Copywriter Course, and our Persuasion Course. They're all included with your membership.

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✔️ A Weekly Copy & Pitch Review 

Every week in The Copywriter Underground you get... the opportunity to receive feedback on your pitch during a weekly copy & pitch review inside the membership.

You can receive direct feedback on your copy and pitch, if you submit your copy and are selected for a review. You'll get Rob's eyes on your pitch so you know what's working, what's not working, and how to improve your pitch.

So you can feel confident in your pitch before you waste more time sending it out to prospects. This opportunity is available every week.

We're not sure how much longer we'll continue to include these bonuses, but for today, you get all of them, free.

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With everything you get inside The Copywriter Underground: 

✔️ The Pro Habit Masterclass

✔️ The X-Factor Masterclass

✔️ The X-Factor Positioning Statement

✔️ The Ideal Client Profile Blueprint

✔️ The 291+ Industry Niches List

✔️ The "30 Marketing Problems You Can Solve" Checklist

✔️ The "People Who Hire Copywriters" Database

✔️ The Starter Package Checklist

✔️ The MVP Pitch Template

✔️ The "Over-the-Shoulder Prospecting" Training

✔️ The Pitch-Tracking Template

✔️ The Unique Mechanism Masterclass with Todd Brown *BONUS*

✔️ The "Good, Bad, & Terrible Pitches in the Wild" Private Collection *BONUS*

✔️ The Pitching Toolkit *BONUS*

✔️ The "Conversations that Convert: 5-Step Masterclass" *BONUS*

✔️ A Weekly Copy & Pitch Review *BONUS*

The Copywriter Underground has a total value of $1997.

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You could think about it like this: 

At $1997, if all The Copywriter Underground did for you was help you book one new client every month (who paid you $1000), would it be worth it?

Of course it would be worth it because those twelve clients will almost certainly pay you significantly more than $1000 a month, or $12,000 a year.

If all The Copywriter Underground did for you was help you differentiate from every other copywriter out there so you attract better, higher paying clients, would it be worth it?

Again, we'd say... yes, it would be worth it because you'll feel 1000x more confident when you understand why clients should hire you over the next writer.

If all The Copywriter Underground did for you was help you feel energized and unstoppable because you increase your productivity and improve your copy skills without feeling like you're doing extra work or working extra hours, would it be worth it?

And again, we'd say... absolutely yes, it would be worth it because this type of momentum bleeds into every area of your day and life, including your relationships, health, wellness, and happiness. You take this feeling of confidence into every part of your life.

But, today, when you join The Copywriter Underground, it won't cost you $1997. It's not even going to cost you $997.

Instead, today, when you join The Copywriter Underground, you get access to everything we mention above (and plenty more we don't have space to tell you about) for...

Today's Value - $1997  Your Price - $897

Which is a total value of over $1997... for just one payment of $897. That's a savings of $1,100.

And here's the thing...

You don't even have to say yes today. All you have to say is "maybe"
— and that's because you can put The Copywriter Underground to the test, risk-free.

When you join The Copywriter Underground, your entire investment is backed by a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

And you get the P7 Client Attraction System FOR FREE!

Book one client every month with The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline and The Copywriter Underground or you get 100% of your money back—PLUS $10 just for trying it out.

Join The Copywriter Underground today... go through everything in The P7 Client Attraction Pipeline plus all the additional masterclasses and bonuses... put it all to the test over the next 30 days, and you're either thrilled with how much this has changed your business, or...

You can simply send us one email and you'll get a complete refund of every penny, plus an extra $10 (via PayPal) just for giving it a try.

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"Don't mind us, we're just world domination one leaf pile at a time.<3 The bots

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