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Become a well-known, highly-paid Celebrity Copywriter.

This unique 3-step Celebrity Copywriter Formula shows you how to charm prospects, captivate clients, and earn more than ever before.
Which kind of copywriter are you?
There are two kinds of copywriters...

The FIRST kind of copywriter struggles to figure things out.

They spend hours pitching clients and barely make any money.

Their work is hard and unrewarding.

Which is why so many of them give up, thinking they’ve failed.

The OTHER kind of copywriter—The Celebrity Copywriter—isn’t struggling at all.

They don’t cold pitch anyone—clients pursue them

Their work almost always goes smoothly… with lots of time for research, brainstorming, writing, and making revisions. 

The work Celebrity Copywriters do is fun—and lucrative.

They earn high 5- or 6-figure incomes. 

Some make even more. A lot more.

We’ll introduce you to 3 of these Celebrity Copywriters and share what makes them different in a moment, but first...
What exactly gives these 
Celebrity Copywriters such a BIG advantage?
It sounds obvious but they’ve got the celebrity-factor working FOR them.

Like Ryan Reynolds… Beyoncé… Megan Rapinoe kind of celebrity?

You got it. 

When a client gushes about a copywriter like People magazine gushes about actors, athletes, and rock stars…

...the copywriting struggle ends.

Celebrity Copywriters have wait lists full of high-paying clients who willingly wait months just to work with them. 

They no longer compete against other copywriters in the commodity market. And that means sales calls are less about vetting the copywriter and more about vetting the prospect.

They raise their prices and clients gladly pay it.

Everything gets easier.

The best part?

You don’t have to be an actual actor or rock star to up your celebrity-factor (...but, hey, we can always pretend, right?).

You can be YOU—your brilliant, unique self. And you can still go to the coffee shop without being hounded by paparazzi. 
If you’re NOT a Celebrity Copywriter yet, you’re working waaaaay harder than you have to—and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here’s the truth… anyone can become a celebrity copywriter.

Even if you’re a brand new copywriter.

Even if you’re not “Big Name” famous right now.

Even if you don’t have decades of experience.

And, hey, you absolutely don’t have to write for the big direct response niches like finance or health (though, if that’s your thing, you totally could!).

99% of regular copywriters never figure out this celebrity thing on their own—because they don’t have the formula.

They’re too distracted taking course after course to improve their copywriting skills, even though their biggest struggle is building their credibility, name recognition, and authority.

This 3-part formula works for any copywriter, content creator, brand strategist… in any niche.

It shows you exactly what you should do next as you put the pieces together in your business.

It has nothing to do with common copywriting techniques or worn-out persuasion tactics. In fact, if you search Google right now, you’d have a hard time finding this formula anywhere. Because it’s the kind of insider information copywriters only share when they’re with other copywriters who “get it.”

We’ve used The Celebrity Copywriter Formula to uplevel our own businesses, and we’ve used it to help dozens of successful copywriters in The Copywriter Club as they’ve moved from total obscurity to center stage.

Copywriters like…

Chanti Zak who lost her part-time gig writing copy for a low-paying client, then went all in on building her celebrity and today earns six figures as a quiz copywriter for clients like Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher.
Or, Justin Blackman who used the ideas we share in The Celebrity Copywriter Formula to launch his own business writing voice guides for clients like Stu McLaren and Amy Porterfield—more than doubling his salary in the process.
And Mai-kee Tsang who went from struggling with cheap clients who didn’t appreciate her to completely filling her schedule, launching a course, and teaching her expertise to clients who pay thousands of dollars for her advice.
The Celebrity Copywriter Formula will work for you too.

If you’re tired of competing with dozens (or even hundreds) of copywriters for the same low-paid assignments in places like Upwork and Facebook…

If you’ve wasted too much time creating proposals that just sit in your prospect’s inbox ignored and forgotten…

If you’re done struggling to eek out a living as a copywriter and are ready to finally take control of your career and your bank account…

The 3-Step Celebrity Copywriter Formula will help you grow your business faster—much faster—than you can on your own.

The Celebrity Copywriter Formula includes our in-depth breakdown of a simple (but almost entirely unknown) 3-step process for building your authority and getting yourself in front of clients who are hiring copywriters right now.

It shows you how to easily build on what you’re already doing in your business to earn the trust and attract the attention of dream clients in your niche.

With this formula in hand, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next (or first) to create your own unique celebrity style. Because being a ‘celebrity’ doesn’t mean you need to be a carbon copy of other celeb copywriters.

And when you apply this three-step framework in your own business, you can go from unknown and underpaid to fully booked and well-paid copywriter in just a few months.

But that’s not all…

The Celebrity Copywriter Formula also includes presentations from three A-List Copywriters who are each making more than a million dollars in their businesses today. They share exactly how they do it with you—so you can do it too.

First up…
A-list copywriter reveals how he went from $8,000 to $1,000,000+ a year…
in just over 4 years
And how you can do it too.
P. (we’re keeping his identity secret because he likes to fly under the radar) was a struggling real estate agent when he discovered copywriting as a way to make ends meet.

After failing to make money on his first products, he landed three clients at a conference and began to grow his celebrity. We recorded P. as he revealed the secrets that helped make him a Celebrity Copywriter, including:

the #1 thing you have to do to get better as a copywriter
the exact letter he used to land his first clients doubling his income
the positioning tactic for turning experience into impossible-to-ignore results
the “paperclip strategy” for leveraging clients to get better work
how to join the top 10% of all copywriters in less than one year
the checklist tactic that ensures you always write great copy
when to market yourself endlessly and more importantly—when NOT to
the 4 stages of copywriting business growth—and what you must do at each step
More than 70 copywriters paid thousands of dollars to be in the room where P. revealed how he became a Celebrity Copywriter. But you get every one of these ideas and tactics free when you get The Celebrity Copywriter Formula

And we’re just getting started…
This Celebrity Copywriter charges retainer clients $20,000 a month and runs a million dollar business. Here’s how…
R. (another secretive celeb) is a well-known copywriter for high-paying clients in his niche, but you’ve almost certainly never heard of him.

Over the past decade, he has quietly built a successful business with a waiting list of clients ready to pay $20,000 per month for a few days of work. We asked R. how he does it and he revealed:

the tradesman approach for getting clients to call you first
the 2 profitable paths you can follow as a copywriter
the only difference between a $25,000 client and a $250,000 client
3 things that make you the “go to expert” in your field
the “tiny market” secret for finding the very best clients
his unique “PAS Report Approach” for attracting his ideal clients
how a short book builds his credibility and closes clients every month
the exact sales process R. uses to close projects
A single idea from R.’s presentation could bring you dozens of high-paying clients and make you the go-to celebrity in your niche. And you’ll have instant access to his presentation the moment you get The Celebrity Copywriter Formula.

By now you’re probably thinking this sounds pretty good.

It gets even better…
A third million-dollar copywriter reveals how she stopped working with low-paying clients and finally landed the best paying gigs… and how you can too.
M.’s path to celebrity was anything but direct. She wrote for lots of low-paying, difficult-to-work-with clients before getting the chance to work with some of the best paying clients in the copywriting world.

We asked M. to share what it takes to attract and land “big fish” clients and she revealed:

the 4 tests a copywriter must pass to qualify for the biggest clients
why everything you know about writing copy changes when you go after the “big fish”
the “family reunion” method for connecting to your ideal clients
how to play the long game when choosing clients
the #1 thing that big clients are looking for in the copywriters they hire
creating “Oprah Moments” in your leads so prospects can’t stop reading
her Batman and Robin approach to making her copy better
the math you need to know if you’re going to write big promotions
the definitive answer to the question: How many drafts do I need to write to get a winning promotion?
The ideas and methods these three Celebrity Copywriters share are priceless. Implement just two or three of the secrets they reveal, and you could add tens of thousands of dollars to your annual income. Implement them all and you could be well on your way to your own million dollar Celebrity Copywriter business.
FOR $87
Get instant access to The Celebrity Copywriter Formula and the 3 bonus presentations now.

This isn’t a course that you buy today and wait weeks for the content to be “dripped” out to you. 

It’s not a program you won’t ever get around to watching—we’ve kept it short to make it easier for you to watch now and take action.

It isn’t a bunch of printed material that you’ve got to slug through (although we provide transcripts of everything).

There’s no fluff or filler. You can get through the formula and the bonuses in a single afternoon—and put it to work immediately.

Everything is delivered to you instantly in your private portal so you can start implementing in minutes.

But before you buy, you need to know…

The Celebrity Copywriter Formula might not be right for you...

Here’s the thing. There’s no such thing as over-night celebrity in the copywriting world. If someone is telling you that… don’t believe them.

It takes time, focus, and work to put each step of this unique formula into action. 

This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme or any of that nonsense. 

You have to be willing to put yourself out there.


If you can’t commit to that, then The Celebrity Copywriter Formula is NOT for you. Please close your browser now and forget about investing in these ideas.

But if you’re willing to go through the training (or read the transcripts) and do the work, you’ll find dozens of ideas that will help you build your own authority and grow an amazingly successful copywriting business.

One other thing you should know… most of the presentations in this program were recorded at our events. Others recorded over Zoom. If expensive video production is more important to you than high-quality ideas that you can implement to land bigger, higher paying clients, don’t invest in this program, okay?
Still here? Good. You’re exactly the kind of copywriter who will get a ton of value from this program.

Two Ways to Get Instant Access to
The Celebrity Copywriter Formula now…

The Celebrity Copywriter Formula normally sells for $297. That includes the 3-step formula and ideas for implementing each step, plus the three bonus presentations jam packed with more ideas for building a Celebrity Copywriter business. It’s worth every penny. Actually more.

Using just one idea from these presentations could put thousands of dollars in your pocket—you’ll walk away with dozens of ideas you can use in your business today—guaranteed.

But we want to make your decision to invest in The Celebrity Copywriter Formula a complete no-brainer. 

So, for a limited time, you can get The Celebrity Copywriter for just $87.


By now you're probably asking, why would we make such a crazy-low priced offer when we usually sell this formula and the bonuses for more than 3x that?

Because along with The Celebrity Copywriter Formula, we are also giving you a one-month free trial of The Copywriter Underground.

The Copywriter Underground is an amazing online resource for successful copywriters—it includes more than 70 hours of training, a community of 300+ copywriters investing in their businesses, monthly hot-seat calls and copy tear-downs where you can get valuable feedback and ideas… and your own copy of The Copywriter Club Newsletter mailed to your home every month.

To be perfectly honest, we’re bribing you to try it out… knowing that you’ll find the resources, training, templates, newsletter and community so valuable, you’ll never want to leave.

If your experience in The Copywriter Underground is anything like these other members, we’re betting you’ll want to stick around...
To ensure your access to the training, the templates, and community in The Underground continues uninterrupted, you’ll be automatically rebilled monthly for your membership. Or, if you prefer, you can pay full price and keep your access forever without paying another dime.

It’s that simple.

All together the ideas you’ll find in The Celebrity Copywriter Formula and The Copywriter Underground are worth thousands of dollars. Once you try them, we’re certain you’ll agree. But to make absolutely sure you’re thrilled, we’re offering you this…
Try-It-Then-Keep-It-Even-Longer Guarantee.

We’re so sure The Celebrity Copywriter and The Copywriter Underground will help you build your own authority, attract new and better clients, and raise your rates that we’re making this one-of-a-kind guarantee…

Join The Copywriter Underground and get immediate access to The Celebrity Copywriter now, then take the next 30 days to go through all the materials. Watch the videos. Read the transcripts. And complete your Authority Plan. 

We’re sure you’ll love The Copywriter Underground, but if we’re wrong and you decide you don’t need the 20+ templates, 70+ hours of training, resources, monthly newsletters, or group coaching you get in The Underground, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your entire investment. 

As a thank you for trying The Copywriter Underground, you can keep your access to The Celebrity Copywriter Formula for an additional 30 days. It’s our gift to you.

There’s literally nothing to lose. If you don’t love it, you pay nothing and you still have another month’s access to all the ideas we share in The Celebrity Copywriter Formula for FREE!

Are you ready to be a Celebrity Copywriter? 
The next step is up to you...

As a serious copywriter, you no doubt invest in improving your skills all the time. So you could keep buying standard training courses, or swipe files and template packs that everyone else is buying. And keep getting the same results you’ve been getting that everyone else is getting.

Or you could spend hours searching the internet—looking for and finding the same stale advice from gurus promising to get results. Is that really how you want to spend your time?

Instead you can invest now in the proven strategies and ideas that build your authority—your celebrity—so the right clients hear about you and seek you out. Clients who gladly wait weeks or months and pay high fees to work with you. Sound good?

That’s what you’ll get with this unique three-step Celebrity Copywriter Formula. The next step is truly up to you…

But that's not all...
The Formula that David Ogilvy Used to Become the
World’s Best Known Copywriter

In this bonus presentation, Rob Marsh reveals how David Ogilvy became the world’s most famous copywriter in spite of the fact that he failed out of Oxford, wrote an autobiography that no one read, was forced out of his own agency, and was never thought of as best copywriter when he was working.

Ogilvy himself said he had only had about 10 big ideas in his entire life. And yet he almost certainly is the best known copywriter in the world—almost 20 years after his death. You’ll learn:
The 4 things he focused on to build his expertise
What every copywriter should read if she truly wants to be great
How Ogilvy’s secret list led to working with his best clients
How his eccentricities got attention from almost everyone
Ogilvy’s advice to copywriters working today
Finally, you’ll also get…
How to Go from Nobody to the Name on Everyone’s Lips...
Don’t think you can become a Celebrity Copywriter? At our annual event this past spring, copywriter Eman Ismail shared how she grew her celebrity—going from unknown to highly paid in less than one year. You’ll see how to:
The importance of positioning yourself BEFORE you’re ready
How choosing a niche is only the beginning of differentiating yourself
Her 5-step formula for getting people to talk about you
The “Chatty Cathy” client attraction secret
Why getting your work ripped apart puts you on the fast track to success
How limiting the number of services you offer can increase your income
The “don’t ask, don’t get” approach to getting the work you want
These five bonus presentations are packed with ideas that will help you finally get the attention, recognition and celebrity you deserve as a copywriter.
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